The Swarovski Thimbles

The  Swarovski Thimbles were produced in the 90’s with frosted birds perched on top of clear crystal thimbles, produced under the “Crystal Colors” name in the European market. They were never distributed in the U.S.A.
The Swarovski Thimbles figurines were available with 5 different birds on 2 different thimble bases – the Pinecone base and the Straight, sometimes called the Barrel base.

The 5 different Swarovski birds are (left to right):

  • Cockatoo on Thimble
  • Toucan on Thimble
  • Eagle on Thimble
  • Owl on Thimble
  • Parrot on Thimble

The crystal thimbles are approximately 2.25” tall. The retail price is unknown, but they are estimated to be valued between $100 – $200 each on the secondary market. They are fairly difficult to find sometimes. 

You can See ALL the Swarovski issues in our FABULOUS CFC Photo Galleries!

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3 thoughts on “The Swarovski Thimbles

  1. Marlene says:

    These pieces are very well done miniatures. I have all ten of the birds (5 in each straight and pinecone style base). Did you know that Swarovski also produced similar pieces on a different base for Zales? Pictures of those birds can be found in the CFC's extensive photo galleries.

  2. Nan says:

    I like the look of these. Might be worth trying to get hold of them.

  3. Robert says:

    Great picture of the Swarovski Thimbles.I think they would be a bit awkward to use for sewing with those birds stuck on them!

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