HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Crystal Fanatics Club!


Crystal Fanatics Club Celebrates their 17th Anniversary on the internet Today !
We are Proud of the many, many friendships that have formed over the years among our Collectors from all over the world.
We would like to THANK our CFC Members for their continued support.

Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC), is a worldwide club site on the WEB *FOR Collectors of Swarovski Crystal.* We are currently celebrating our 17th Anniversary as the PREMIERE site on the Web for Swarovski Collectors. We are a friendly, caring and eclectic mixture of people from all over the world!
For a modest subscription fee, we offer extensive Photo Galleries, multiple Discussion Boards and Weekly Live Chats hosted from all around the world. CFC is a great place to “meet” like-minded crystal collecting friends to discuss your favorite products with absolutely NO advertising.
The Crystal Fanatics Club was established in 1999.

Packed with more information than ever and with far more powerful tools, you’ll love Crystal Fanatics Club!

*MOST OFTEN!* the  “FIRST” to bring you “BREAKING Swarovski News!”

LOTS of  Photos Albums! of our favorite crystal, as well as photos from CFC gatherings and events, AND individual pictures posted by our members.

There are currently MORE THAN *13,000 Photos in our Photo Galleries! No other club site features so many Photos!
Featuring ALL the info you need to know about each Swarovski issue displayed in full color, with a complete description posted to each Photo in the Gallery, including ALL the Current Values for Retired Swarovski Crystal.
FREE with your Membership!
No More Need for Costly and Outdated Annual Books to document your Collection !

 *Live Chats* ~ every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning, using Our Very Own On-Site Integrated CHAT ROOM!   ~  all brought to you by our very own CFC members!

NOT ONE, but FIVE Message Boards!

(1) The CFC Discussion Message Board – Our Main Bulletin Board, where members conduct most of our interaction. Post your message, respond to messages from others, gossip, share, learn ALL About Swarovski!

(2) CFC Buy/Trade/Sell Board – where we exchange, trade, buy and sell between club members only. Free with your membership! We never assess fees for selling your Goods.


(3) CFC Member Spotlights – (archived) – READ all about your Fellow Collectors and see their collections!

(4) “I am looking for….” –  Members POST items of interest to ADD to their collections!

(5) “Trip Reports….” –  Members POST reports of their Swarovski-related TRIPS & EVENTS (archived).

We offer INSURANCE for Your Collectibles to U.S. Members!

*Meet the Fanatics* (Photos) is the place to put faces with the names … or nicknames, & MEET your fellow club members!

Calendar of events for CFC. Add your own dates of importance to the calendar and find other great dates for “special” Swarovski and CFC Club Events.

 JOIN Crystal Fanatics Club for Collectors of Swarovski  to start receiving the “benefits of membership”  for just $29.95!  We WELCOME your participation!
Join NOW!  You’ll be so glad you did !

* 7 day No-Nonsense GUARANTEE! *
You may take a FREE look at the site for 7 days; IF, on the 6th day, you decide the site is not of interest to you, you may email me to discontinue membership, and the small membership fee that is used to host and maintain the site, will be cheerfully refunded! NO questions asked!

If you want to see even more Galleries of Photos, Discuss crystal with other collectors from all around the world, then There is No Better Place To Be.

Hope to see you there!

Pat King
©Copyright 1999-2016. Crystal Fanatics Club, LLC.
*For Collectors of Swarovski Crystal*

The *Crystal Fanatics Club* is an independent and privately owned company that provides an internet club site for Swarovski collectors world-wide.The *Crystal Fanatics Club* is neither affiliated with, nor endorsed by, any world-wide division of Swarovski A.G.


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