Swarovski Kristallwelten (Crystal World) – Reinvented

Giant at Night

Giant at Night, Photo from one of our very own Crystal Fanatics, © Copyright 2017. Crystal Fanatics Club, LLC

Swarovski’s Kristallwelten (Crystal World) –  a bit of crystal-encrusted luxury?  You Bet!

Twenty minutes outside Innsbruck, amid the mountains of Tyrol, a  world of shimmering crystal awaits. Swarovski Crystal Worlds is an attraction unlike any other – and better than ever after its recent renovations.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds opened in 1995 to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary, designed by André Heller.  In its 20 years of existence, this unique destination has attracted more than 12 million visitors, constantly reinventing itself.

To celebrate its 120th birthday in 2015, the Tyrolean crystal maker ushered in a new era of wonder. The Chambers of Wonder exude a new brilliance; five of them have been completely redesigned and expanded outwards to include an open space of crystalline nature: the garden.  Swarovski spent $38 million revamping Kristallwelten, which includes a glassy four-story “playtower” from the Norwegian architecture firm Snohetta, new art exhibits, like Crystal Cloud, a suspended cumulous-shaped net studded with 800,000 crystals, and a subterranean retail space dripping in crystal !
KW crystal cloud

Photo from one of our own Crystal Fanatics, © Copyright 2017. Crystal Fanatics Club, LLC

Landscape artists Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot created the Crystal Cloud, a monumental installation comprising some 800,000 hand-mounted Swarovski crystals that drift above a black Mirror Pool.

Don’t miss the adjacent Swarovski Store. In its new form, the shopping landscape is among the largest Swarovski flagship stores worldwide.

The food at Daniels Café and Restaurant warrants a trip on its own & is accessible without an entrance ticket.

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