Swarovski NEW Issues – Christmas 2016 & MORE!

THANKS to two of our very Special CFC Members, who posted the NEW 2016 ISSUES, INCLUDING CHRISTMAS ISSUES to our CFC Boards.
There’s a slew of them!
NEW! Nativity, Star Ornaments (not AE, although it is posted too).
Angels, including the AE’s, 3 in all!
6 various Christmas Ornies.
AE Ball Ornies NEW, can be bought in a set of 3!
AE Bell Ornies, also can now be bought separately & in a set of 3.
Another NEW Ornament Set of 3.
AE Kris Bear – 2 of them!
AE 2016 Christmas Ornament
Santa – 3 of them!
A NEW Category! Crystal Ocean with 3 new issues!
2 NEW Birds
1 Soulmates
1 Ltd Ed Christmas MO
4 NEW Disney Issues
7 Home Decor Issues
1 Hello Kitty
8 NEW Animals
3 NEW Christmas Figurines
1 Chinese Zodiac
2016 Christmas Set of 2
COME JOIN US! and See for Yourself!
We’re Celebrating our 17th year on the Web!

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