Here are signs that you are, indeed, A Collector!

Are most your pieces from one manufacturer?
    ie., Swarovski, Hummel, Lladro, to name a few.

    Would you ever buy a duplicate of one you already have?

    Do you have/save the original packaging?
    Is your garage full of bins with boxes from your collection?

    Do you remember when it started? 
    Every true collector remembers when they bought their first piece.

    Do you love learning about your collection?

    Does the ‘thrill of the hunt’ feed your drive to collect that rare and coveted piece?

    Are you proud of owning sought after pieces?

    Do you sometimes buy a piece because of your Childhood memories?

    Do you buy certain memorabilia ? (related to Sports, Disney, Elvis Star Wars, etc).

    Do you buy certain Celebrity items ?

    Do you enjoy collecting as a leisure activity ?

    Do you meet other Collectors at swap meets and auctions where a shared hobby has formed the basis of many friendships?

    Do you collect in the hopes your collection will make money/increase in value in the years to come?
    Are you a member of a collecting club?

If you can answer the majority of these questions with a Yes! You are a Collector!

Do You Collect Swarovski Crystal ?
We are the Premiere Club on the Internet for Collectors of Swarovski Crystal
Celebrating our 17th Anniversary!

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