Swarovski Starburst in Las Vegas

The Swarovski Starburst in Las Vegas is a Midnight Celebration with a spectacular light & sound show that lasts about 3 minutes. Swarovski envisioned the excitement of New Year’s Eve in this creation, but now you can see it 365 days a year.  Every night is New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, thanks to the Swarovski Starburst. At 9:00 p.m. and midnight the crystal-bedazzled starburst drops 55 feet from its perch above the Grand Bazaar Shops.

The unique Starburst is the only one in the world, measuring about 14 feet in diameter & weighing 4,000 pounds. It features 911 custom-cut Swarovski crystal spheres & over 1800 points of LED lighting. The multicolored, continuously changing lights took 1,260 hours to create. The light-action show is choreographed to music.

The Swarovski Starburst is located above the 400 foot free-standing pavilion to house the Starburst. The design of the pavilion store architecture features the Swarovski store resembling the cut crystals they’re famous for with dozens of huge, angular facets.

las-vegas-swarovski-las vegas store
The store is located in The Grand Bazaar shops, an outdoor shopping attraction at Bally’s Las Vegas, at the intersection of the Las Vegas Strip and Flamingo Road. Following the motif  that bazaar shops allow bartering, there will be items chosen where shoppers can do some price negotiating. The featured items may change daily.
Can you imagine bartering at a Swarovski Store ??

Store hours are 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m daily.

With all this glittering goodness soaring 55 feet above the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll never have to wait for New Year’s Eve again.

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