Swarovski Fitness Trackers

The Fitbit Craze

The ‘Fitbit’  replaces and expands on the idea of the pedometer, and it does a lot more. It tracks other body beats, too – shows time of day, number of steps, current heart rate, estimated miles walked, estimated calories burned.  Sleep tracking is also available.

The growth is fueled in part by aging baby boomers, who are determined to stay healthy — as well as fashionable and savvy.  Indeed, luxury fashion brands are racing to come out with chic wearable technology such as smart dresses, bracelets and pendants that track fitness and other daily activities.

For fancier fare, Misfit Wearables (a hardware company that designs & manufactures wearable products that utilize sensor technology) (www.misfit.com) has partnered with Swarovski crystals to create some useful bling & fashionable fitness trackers in the form of elegant bracelets. The activity tracker is a fully faceted crystal in a Swarovski exclusive cut, that measures your activities and sleep, and syncs with your smartphone. A battery is included, which is replaceable & lasts up to 4 to 8 months.  One bracelet ($169) has a violet crystal that is solar charged so you don’t need batteries that I believe will be released in June.


Swarovski Crystal offers what could be the ultimate lady’s fitness tracker. One ad declares:   “Hidden behind the Swarovski crystal are all the tracking smarts you could ask for, and there’s a range of accessories from bracelets to necklaces. The tracker comes with a sports strap too as standard, to track running, cycling and swimming.”

Slake fitness tracker
Misfit also makes pendants and other wristbands. They all wirelessly track activity, such as steps, distance and calories. They also monitor how many times a night you wake up and move around, so you get a sense of how soundly you are sleeping. Pendant and wristband accessories, without the tracker, can be ordered at the Misfit website & prices are from $69 to $149.

Wearable tech is still in its early stages. Sensors will continue to get smaller and more lightweight — and, it’s hoped, cheaper.

Misfit’s apps in Google Play and the Apple App Store allow users to get tracking info on their phone.

How many steps did you walk today?

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