I am often asked about the availability of books that are published containing information about Swarovski products.
And, there are books available. For example, Dean Genth’s ‘Collecting Swarovski’ and Vivienne Becker’s ‘The Magic of Crystal’ are among the most known books for Collectors.
Books, as you know, only have a capability for a certain # of pages with information & photographs before they become cumbersome, limiting their usefulness. Then, of course, there is a multitude of books available about Swarovski Jewelry & Beads.

However, there is ONE Source where you can view thousands and thousands of photographs filled with information about the multitude of Swarovski Crystal issued during the last several decades (yes, we have them all the way back to the early 70’s !)
The Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC) for Collectors of Swarovski Crystal is currently celebrating its 16th year on the net. Our CFC Photo Galleries currently contain more than 13,000 Photos; most of them depicting the many various product lines issued by Swarovski for Collectors. We even have a few 2016 New Issues posted on our Bulletin Board!
For a mere $29.95 yearly, you can have access to our FABULOUS CFC Photo Galleries, along with all the many benefits we offer our Members.

You’ll receive a Warm Welcome from our Members. Many of them are the most avid & most knowledgeable Collectors from around the world who collect Swarovski Crystal.
They happily share their knowledge on our 5 CFC Bulletin Boards & twice weekly in our CFC Chat Room.
For Collectors of Swarovski Crystal

We WELCOME Your Participation!
Pat King, Founder


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