The Swarovski Trains

Train Set with Wooden TrackSwarovski Train, Set of 6, with Wooden Track

‘Crystal Locomotion’ was a set of 6 trains designed by Gabriele Stamey, as part of the Silver Crystal ‘When We Were Young’ theme group.
They were available to purchase separately, or as a 3 or 4 piece set.
The 6 piece set included:
Locomotive, issued in 2003
Tender Car, 2003
Wagon Carriage with variations due to the how the windows are glued on the box car, 2003
Petrol Wagon, 2002
Tipping Wagon 2003
Tank Wagon 2003

The Set of 3 consisted of the Locomotive, Tender Car, and Wagon Carriage, packaged together in one box, retailing at $305.
The Train Set of 4 added the Petrol Wagon, again packaged together, selling for $400.

The Mini Train is a set of 4, packaged together, which includes a round mirror with a train track painted on it, on a much smaller scale, from the Crystal Memories product line. The set has a locomotive followed by 3 identical cars similar in appearance to the wagon carriage.

There is also a mirrored Train Track and a Wooden Train Track (pictured), known as the Silver Crystal Express issued in 1995; both issued to display the trains.

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