The Swarovski Clocks

  • Providence_Table_ClockSwarovski Providence Clock

    The Swarovski Providence Clock was designed by Steven Weinberg.  This table clock stands about 7” tall.  Swarovski  produced this clock from 1998 through 2003.  During the 5 year production run, the Providence Clock retailed for $850.  It was the most expensive clock produced.

    Some of the clock units had edition numbers laser etched in the crystal on the back side.  There are clock numbers on the back side on the reverse side. (3, 6, 9, and 12′ clock only, with dots representing other numeric positions).

    Now, nearly 10 years after retirement, the Swarovski Providence Clock generally sells in the $175 to $300 price range.

    Swarovski sold a number of Clocks in the “Crystal Time Pieces” category, nearly 20 clocks were available over the years, all are now retired.

    Athena Clock  – Issue Date: 1987 / Retired 1992, retailed for $330.

    Belle Epoque Clock – Issue Date: 1987 / Retired 1992, retailed for $585

    Colloseum Clock (only available in European Markets) Issue Date: 1987 / Retired 1992
    A Colloseum Clock with religious motif was also issued in 1990.

    El Dorado Clock (only available in European Markets) – Issue Date: 1987 / Retired 1992

    Napoleon Clock – Issue Date: 1987 / Retired 1992, retailed for $380

    Polar Star Clock – Issue Date: 1987 / Retired 1992, retailed for $520

    Each of these clocks were available in gold and rhodium metal finishes with 3 different faces: Alarm, Date & Moon dial faces.

  • The ‘date face’ had the numbers 1-31 instead of the number 3 to show the day of the month.
  • The ‘alarm face’ had roman numerals.
  • The ‘moon dial face’ had roman numerals and dials indicating the phase of the moon.

All the clocks have ‘Swarovski’ written on the face.

5 years later, in the Selection product category, Swarovski issued more clocks featuring Seiko clockworks.

  • Carriage Enigma Clock – Available 1992 to 1998 in a Limited Edition of 6,450, Designed by Ludwig Redl, and retailed for $355.
  • Helios Table Clock – Available 1992 to 2005 manufactured entirely with Roman numerals, Designed by Borek Sipek, and retailed for $355. Of special note is the fact that this clock does not have the roman numeral ‘4’ on it.
  • Curacao Clock – Available 1995 to 2000, Designed by Edith Mair, manufactured using Sodalith blue stone, and retailed for $440.
  • Allegra Pendulum Clock – Numbered edition, Designed by Steven Weinberg, Available 1999 to 2005, and retailed for $590.

Other clocks:

Op Art Clock – Available 2002 to 2004, in the Crystal Decor product line. An abstract edition with no numbers on the clock, Designed by Anna Gili. Conical crystal part with classic long facets; Op Art décor on clock face and two drop shaped metal front feet. It retailed for $315. Note: this piece was issued with a different product number in Europe.

Solaris Clock – Available 1998 to 2004, Designed by Adi Stocker. When originally issued this part of the Silver Crystal / Exquisite Accents category, but moved to Crystal Home Accessories in 2003. It retailed for $375.

Kris Bear Table Clock – Available 1997 to 2002, Designed by Martin Zendron, Kris bear with green & red scarf stands at the side of an alarm clock. He retailed for $210.

A single clock in the Daniel Swarovski product category, the Cadence Table Clock was issued between 2002 and 2005, and was Designed by Darko Mladenovic. It retailed for $615

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