What is the Crystal Fanatics Club ?

The Leading News Provider for Swarovski Crystal
The “Crystal Fanatics Club” strives to provide up-to-the-minute, breaking NEWS! to its membership, as well as provide SUPERIOR customer service.

Established March 9, 1999 as the “Swarovski Crystal Fanatics Club on Yahoo! Founder: Pat King

November 14, 2000 Launched as the “Crystal Fanatics Club” on the world wide web. http://www.crystalfanaticsclub.com

Your subscription, a small fee, to help cover the costs of membership, includes:

Calendar of events for CFC. Add your own dates of import to the calendar and find Member’s and Swarovski related dates waiting for you.

Live Chat for Members of the Crystal Fanatics Club only! Held weekly on Wednesday evenings & Sunday mornings.
CFC Daily Message Board This is where CFC Members DISCUSS Swarovski and LOTS of other INFO is provided.
CFC Buy/Trade/Sell is where the hot action is for collectors like you! This is where we exchange, trade, buy and sell between club members only.
Meet the Fanatics is the place to put faces with the names … Photos from gatherings and events as well as individual shots from and by members.
Events (Photos) in our “Events” photo gallery. See what your fellow collectors are doing and who they meet when there’s an event to visit.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, We are SO PROUD of our CFC  Photo Gallery! 13,000+ photos of Swarovski Crystal, events and fellow Fanatics. Each Photo of Swarovski Crystal includes all the information you will need to catalog your collection!

Here’s what a ‘fellow collector’ has to say about CFC; I couldn’t have said it better!

  • First and foremost, it is a place where we can meet as friends with a common passion.
  • A place where collectors have access to thousands upon thousands of coloured pictures of crystal.
  • A place where we get first-hand news of what new Swarovski pieces are coming (long before they are officially announced).
  • A place where we can post our opinions and listen to other member’s opinions.
  • A place where we can chat amongst ourselves, where we can be critical or complimentary, or just plain have fun!

COME JOIN US !  You’ll be SO GLAD you did!

© Copyright 1999-2015. Crystal Fanatics Club, LLC.

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