Update: The Swarovski Mo’s

This article was originally written in 2011, and I thought since this is still the case, it deserved an Update.
The Swarovski Mo’s – Yes Cows! are all the rage amongst our Crystal Fanatics !

"Lovlots Display"

Lovlots Display
© Copyright, Crystal Fanatics Club, LLC

The Lovlots Collection Display, Compliments of one of Our Very Own Crystal Fanatics Club Members’

The very first Mo was introduced in 2006 and nothing has been the same since.  Swarovski issued Missy Mo, a clear crystal faceted cow, in the first collection of Lovlots, at Paris Fashion Week.

More Mo’s followed:  Pinky Mo took center stage in 2007, and in 2008, Soccer Mo, commemorating the European Masters Cup in Soccer between Austria and Switzerland, was made available in the host countries, as well as in the Swarovski Online Shop.

The Mo’s continued to grow in the ‘West End district’ of Lovlots City. Flower Mo, another Online Limited Edition was introduced in 2009, followed by Halloween Mo.  Then along came the Country Mo’s Online Limited Edition, the midsized Belle Mo, in Lavender crystal with a floral motif, and the Glamour Mos in 2010.

The Lovlots 5th Birthday in January, 2011 was celebrated with a midsized Limited Edition Charming Mo with a removable heart charm.

The Sunshine Mo, again a Limited Online Edition, was only available for purchase at Swarovski Online. Designed in Jonquil crystal, she wears a necklace in tropical crystal colors.

Dressed as Santa Claus all in red, Santa Mo was issued as the 2011 limited edition.

Since 2011, Swarovski has added the following Mo’s to the Lovlots line:

  • Angel Mo in 2012
  • Bubble Mo, Limited Online Edition 2012
  • Chili Mo, 2013 now retired
  • Disco Mo Ltd Ed in 2013, also retired
  • Flower Power Mo, Limited Online Edition 2013, supposedly the last of the ‘online only’ editions & now retired.
  • Lucky Mo, Issued 2012 & retired
  • Magic Mo, a Halloween edition with pumpkin, issued in 2012, retired

A Word of Warning: Beware of the Fakes!
Several ‘fake’ Mo’s have made their appearance lately. Among them are the so-called ‘Frosted’ Belle Mo and Charming Mo.
These have been verified by Swarovski as ‘manipulated after market’ pieces. Several other fake mo’s are out there & can be seen in our CFC Photo Galleries.

Among the Mo’s are the coveted and much sought after ‘Alabaster Mo’ – never sold to the public,  given to Journalists at press / media event in 2007 in Paris, much to the dismay of our Crystal Fanatics. This issue has been confirmed & verified by Swarovski."Swarovski Alabaster Mo"

Alabaster Mo
Photo © Copyright Crystal Fanatics Club, LLC.


According to Swarovski, “The West End district of Lovlots City is leaving plenty of grazing space for more Mos to come!”
So Are There More Mo’s Coming in 2014? You betcha!
3 More 2014 Mo New Issues can be seen in our CFC Photo Galleries!

At CrystalFanaticsClub.com, (CFC) you will find Photos of ALL the Swarovski Mo’s in our FABULOUS CFC Photo Galleries, featuring Photos in Full Color, the Swarovski Product Name, Product Number, Designer, Current Value, Year of Issue and Retirement (if applicable) for every issue. No More Need for Outdated, Expensive Collector Books!
Our Photo Galleries are FREE with your Membership to CFC!

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