Swarovski FAKES

We have Weekly Chats on our Crystal Fanatics Website. Sometimes, we talk about our personal lives (we know each other pretty well), and sometimes we talk about Swarovski (what brought us together in the first place) or, anything remotely related to Swarovski.
This week’s Chat, we talked about the proliferation of Swarovski FAKE products we have been seeing on eBay recently.

I’ve written about the Swarovski Fakes prior to this, as well as the Swarovski Prototypes. There is a distinct difference, and as a Collector, you should be aware of it.
A Prototype is a crystal piece manufactured by Swarovski as an idea for production, but never brought to the marketplace. Very few of them would be made, but often one like it will be issued. A Fake, of course, is just that – a piece someone has decided to parade as a Swarovski piece, but there are always telltale signs showing that in actuality, it’s a Fake.

In the past, Collectors have been fooled by so-called ‘Frosted’ pieces promoted as a Swarovski issue. Among them are the 1995 Annual Edition Lion and the Poodle. They are Both Fakes, but many Collectors got fooled. (The clear issues for both these products are, of course, authentic).

Now, there are ‘Frosted’ Happy Ducks amd the Lovlots Mo’s being listed on eBay as authentic Swarovski pieces. They are not.
How do we know? An authentic Frosted Swarovski Issue, like the Soulmates White Frosted Panther, has the frosting covering the Swan logo. A Fake will show the logo as clear in a round circle, where whoever is frosting the item covers it so that it shows clearly.
We just noticed one particular seller who sold the pink mo shown below for in excess of $1,000!
Anyone can be fooled, but if you are a Seller on eBay, you need to do the right thing & take down the Fakes!

In closing, Beware the Fakes! Here’s a few of them to show you as an example:

fake Frosted Belle Mo n Frosted Charming Mo

fake Frosted Belle Mo logo

fake duck logo

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