Ching Ching, Adimu, Kiran – Swarovski Pointiage Limited Editions

"Swarovski Ching Ching"

Swarovski Ching Ching
© Copyright Crystal Fanatics Club

Ching Ching Panda – a Swarovski Pointiage Limited Edition, designed by Heinz Tabertshofer & more than 6 1/2″ tall and weighing almost 3 pounds.  Ching Ching translates to ‘water green’ in Cantonese.
Hand-set with 19,871 White Opal & Jet crystal chatons with rhodium-plated accent, it took Artisans more than 100 hours to individually hand-set each crystal.
This is a Numbered Ltd Edition with only 33 issued worldwide
Swarovski, in it´s infinite wisdom, put Ching Ching up for auction (except in Australia where it´s illegal) to a lucky ‘winner’. We´re told it sold for $25,000 and the winner immediately resold it (price unknown).
In Canada, you could enter a Draw to win one.
No retail price has been set, but according to Swarovski, it is Priceless!
Logo: Swan & Swarovski
Issued 2008 & Retired 2008
Approiximate Current Value is in the $11-12,000 price range.


"Swarovski Adimu"

Swarovski Adimu
© Copyright Crystal Fanatics Club

Adimu – Gorilla, designed by Anton Hirzinger stands 6-3/4 inches tall (17cm) using Swarovski’s very own Pointiage technique.
Artisans dedicated more than 70 hours to individually hand-set each of the 17,127 Jet and Jet Hematite colored crystals into place. Adimu weighs  2.91 lbs. (1,320 grams) & is also Limited to 33 numbered pieces.
Logo: Swan & Swarovski
Issued 2009 & Retired 2009

"Swarovski Kiran Tiger"

Swarovski Kiran Tiger
© Copyright Crystal Fanatics Club

Kiran Tiger, designed by Elisabeth Adamer is 9″ in length, weighing 2½ pounds; again a Limited edition of 33 pieces & Available by auction only.
Hand-set using 25,919 crystals in 12 different colors, Artisans dedicated more than 132 hours to individually hand-set each crystal.
Logo: Swan & Swarovski
Issue Date: 2010 & Retired 2010
Approiximate Current Value is in the $17,000 price range.
Interestingly enough, One of our very own LUCKY & Deserving CFC members won this piece in a Door Prize Drawing at a Swarovski Event!

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