BEWARE of FAKE Swarovski Websites

FAKE Swarovski Websites ?
A recent article mentioned how consumers are being victimized by fraudulent websites.

How does this happen? A fraudulent group, or individuals, choose a particular brand, like Swarovski. They purchase a domain name that anyone might believe is the official Swarovski website, & then they get to work building it. They steal artwork, logos, & images from the actual website & they publish it.

How to recognize a fake website? The prices will be slashed way beyond any sale price Swarovski would ever offer, but what’s worse, it looks real. The images, of course, are directly from Swarovski.

Here’s several examples of Fake websites:

Many of them, you’ll find, if you try to make a purchase originate in China. That should be your first clue. If you are a Swarovski Collector, you know where Swarovski is located.
Of course, Swarovski’s legal team is always on the lookout for these scammers. But it takes time to go through all the proper channels to bring down a website; in the meantime, consumers are victimized.

How to make sure you’re not a victim of these unscrupulous websites?
Send an email. inquiring about their guarantees and return policies.
Be wary if there is not a Send an email function on the website, but just a Contact Us form, which essentially does nothing.
If you receive a response, it will probably be in very broken English and grammar & it won’t have the reply address.
The old adage, as they say ‘If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true.”

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