The Swarovski Horses – Revisited

"Swarovski Amurath Arabian Stallion"

Amurath Arabian Stallion, Numbered Limited Edition
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The Swarovski Horses

The Horse figurines are one of the CFC favorite categories issued by Swarovski, and they are prolific, but is too much of a good thing…. well, too much??  In fact, you should JOIN US for our CFC FIRSTS for 2014!  There’s quite a few of them!

The Swarovski Stallion  – Designed by Stefanie Nederegger, they are still currently available at $445. They originally retailed for $375 in 2007, when they were first issued.

Soulmates Satin Stallion  – Designer: Heinz Tabertshofer, they are still currently available at $1,090. They originally retailed for $960 in 2011, when they were first issued.

Arabian Stallion  – Designer: Martin Zendron, retired globally in 2006 & retailed for $265 in 1998 when they were first issued.

White Stallion  –  also Designed by Martin Zendron, Issue Date: 1993 / Retired 2005, retailed at $265.

The Mare – The Swarovski Mare was designed by Stefanie Nederegger and available from 2006 through 2011.  The crystal mare Is about 5.5 inches long and originally retailed for $380, now retired.

The Horse – Another retired figurine is The Horse.  Mario Dilitz designed this figurine, available from 2004 through 2006 for the now defunct Symbols product line; this crystal horse was about 5.5 inches tall and originally retailed for $385.

The Foals – 2 different foals figurines have been issued. The Swarovski Foals and Swarovski Foals, Playing – a colorful variation of the ‘Foals’.  The clear Swarovski Foals were available 2003 through 2011 and are now retired.  The colorful Swarovski Foals launched in 2011, in effect replacing the clear variety. They will retire in 2013.  Both were designed by Martin Zendron.

The Swarovski Lovlots Horses

Designed by Peter Heidegger. The Lovlots Horses include:

  • Jade, Limited Edition – Available in 2011 only.  Retail: $80. Retired
  • Jasmine – Issued in 2011.  Retail: $250. Retired 6/30/2012
  • Rosalie  – also issued 201.  Retail:  $80  Retired 2012

Then, there are also Swarovski Zodiac Horses:

  • Zodiac Horse – Designed by Anton Hirzinger, Issued from 2002 – 2005, Retail: $65, retired.
  • Chinese Zodiac Horse – 2009 and currently available, Retail: $300.
  • Chinese Zodiac Horse, Large  2009 – also currently available, Retail: $910.
  • Zodiac Horse on Base, Large, designed by W. Qian & Z. Shao Fei, issued in 2011 & retails at $975.

The granddaddies of all the Swarovski Horse figurines are the NLE Wild Horses and the Crystal Myriad Amurath (pictured), both issued in 2001, and both Numbered Limited Editions (NLE).  While the Amurath was limited to only 300 units worldwide, and is Sold Out with a retail price tag of $8,000, the SCS Wild Horses, designed by Martin Zendron, were limited to 10,000 units worldwide with a retail price tag of $4,000, and only produced for one year.  150 production samples were also produced & numbered as PS 1 – 150.

Could there possibly be even MORE! ?????????


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  1. Robert says:

    Another Horse. Swarovski you are running out of ideas.

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