The Swarovski Designers: Verena Castelein

This is the last post in our Series about the Swarovski Designers. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little about them.


"The Swarovski Designers: Verena Castalein"

Verena Castalein
Photo taken at the Orlando Gala & Signing Event, March 2013
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Verena Castelein is the designer of many of the ‘Happy Ducks’ series and “Love” themed Swarovski crystal pieces.
She was born in Innsbruck, Austria in 1980. After successfully completing high school with a focus in music, Verena decided to follow another type of art by attending the College of Glassmaking and Design in Kramsach.

This was a very exciting time for Verena as she found  working with glass in different techniques an immense pleasure. It was the beginning of designing for Verena which she soon found to be her great passion. To further her design education, Verena began studying at the University of Bolzano in Italy where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. Combined with her education in glass and design, the perfect option was to start work for Swarovski.
As Swarovski is a global player, Verena found it especially exciting to join the company.
Verena has made designs for Happy Ducks, Kris Bears, & the Hearts.
She is looking forward to new crystal treasures.

She started touring and attending Swarovski Collector Signing Events in 2013 & we had the pleasure of meeting her at the Orlando Gala & Signing Event in March.

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One thought on “The Swarovski Designers: Verena Castelein

  1. Robert says:

    It has been interesting finding out a bit more about the people behind the scenes at Swarovski.

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