What makes the AE Woodpeckers Unique?

"Swarovski Annual Edition Woodpeckers"

Swarovski Annual Edition Woodpeckers
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The second figurine in the popular & first Swarovski Annual Edition series,  ‘Sharing and Caring’, was designed by Adi Stocker, released & retired in 1988.

The Woodpeckers stand a little over 4″ tall, hand-assembled, with the logo on the bottom, the designer’s initials, “A St” & 88. These are sometimes very faint & hard to locate.

What makes them Unique ?

Swarovski issued two variations of the Annual Edition Woodpeckers, designed by Adi Stocker.
Variation 1 has a frosted base, while Variation 2 has a clear base. You can only differentiate them by looking at the bottom of the base, not through the top of the trunk.

Why are there differences in the base of the trunk?
According to a former Swarovski employee, the Woodpeckers were supposed to have a clear base. But, during manufacturing, the trunks had to be ‘filed’ to make the bottom smooth to allow them to stand upright.  The next step is to repolish the trunk base, but that didn’t happen, leaving them with a frosted base.
You can pay up to $1,000 more for the clear version of the Woodpeckers on the Secondary Market because they are Rare and hard to find. Fortunately, I have the more valued Woodpeckers in my Collection.

The Woodpeckers retailed for $165 & included an octagon-shaped display mirror and can be found with either Logo: sCs or the Swan with SCS on it.
Secondary Market Value for V1 with the Frosted base is approximately $1000. The Clear base (V2) value is approximately $2,000.

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2 thoughts on “What makes the AE Woodpeckers Unique?

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  2. Robert says:

    Yes I had both versions of the Woodpecker at one time. Till I dropped one of them. Would you like to guess which one I dropped???

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