Swarovski’s Pyramid Paperweights

"Swarovski Pyramid Paperweights"

Swarovski Pyramid Paperweights
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The old Swarovski Paperweights were neither colored crystal nor coatings applied to the surface area, as in some other issues. These paperweights were colored by using a special technique where the color was applied to the base, prior to the felt being applied.

They included the Barrel, Cone, Atomic, Egg & Pyramid Paperweights, issued during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Some were only available in the U.S.A; others only in Europe. Many of the paperweights were issued in 10 different colors, some in both Small and Large sizes. Today, we’ll talk about the Pyramid Paperweights.

Seal – Dark gray that stays pure in color reflections, while most others have a Rainbow effect in their reflections of the light. Seal was only released in Europe, which adds to its rarity.

Tabac – brownish in color. In German, tabac means tobacco.

Bermuda Blue – Varying shades of blue in color. Originally referred to as “Lapis” named after a semiprecious stone in Ancient Egypt.

Vitrial Light – Baby Pink and Blue in a very delicate in color. 

Large Crystal Cal – 2½” in size, this is a clear pyramid with a Comet Argent Light silver mirror coating.

Clear – completely Colorless, there is No coating of any kind and no flocking on the base. Not to be confused with the Crystal Cal, as there is no mirror coating & no flock base applied to this issue. Not to be confused with the Crystal Cal, as there is no mirror coating & no flocked base applied to this issue.

·         The pyramid with no coating was originally called the “Pharaoh” after the Egyptian Kings (but the name was dropped).

Vitrail Medium – Vibrant Pink and Blue. It is the most common color used and issued in the United States.

Volcano – Lava flow with brilliant blue and red hues.

Helio – Purple in color; Sometimes it is hard to distinguish this particular color from some of the others.

Inn Green – Green with a hint of amber.

Sahara – Sand Yellow, just like the desert.

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2 thoughts on “Swarovski’s Pyramid Paperweights

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  2. Robert says:

    These were the days when Swarovski produced some fantastic looking paperweights. The Cones were the best in my opinion very closely followed by these ones

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