Swarovski Zales

I recently wrote about Swarovski issued by Dillard’s Department Stores.

Zales Jewelers also issued pieces made with Swarovski Crystal, during the 1980’s.
Lions, Bears, Cats, Birds, Dogs, Elephants, Fish, Horses, & Wolves can be found among these issues, all displayed on crystal stands.
Because they are Rare, not easily found, & most are more substantial pieces than the Dillard’s issues, they command higher prices in the Secondary Market. Most of them are worth in the $100 – $200 range.

Here’s some examples:

"Zales Fish"

Zales Fish
© Copyright Crystal Fanatics Club, Inc.

Fish on Pentagon Base
Issued in 1988 and Retired in 1991, it retailed for $50. Today it’s worth approximately $112.50.
Dove on Stand
Distributed by Zales Jewelers, the Frosted dove sits on a faceted clear base & retailed for $20 when it was issued in 1988. It is 33mm high & Retired in 1991. It is valued at approximately $112.50 on today’s Secondary Market.
Cockatoo on Stand
The Cockatoo is 46mm high & retailed for $35 in 1988, when it was issued. It Retired in 1991 & is worth approximately $108.


"Zales Vincent Bear"

Zales Vincent Bear
© Copyright Crystal Fanatics Club, Inc.


Vincent Bear
Vincent wears a Tam Hat & is embossed with 3 Hearts, one large red heart in the middle of two gold hearts. He is 35mm & was issued in 1993 for $35 & Retired in 1993.

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4 thoughts on “Swarovski Zales

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  2. […] Swarovski Zales (crystalfanatics.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Robert says:

    Nice little pieces by the looks of them, although I have never come across any of them.

  4. […] Swarovski Zales (crystalfanatics.wordpress.com) […]

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