Swarovski Dillard’s Issues

Did You Know ?
During the 80’s and 90’s, Dillards Department Stores (I’ve only seen these located in the Southern, U.S.A.) issued cute little Bears, a lot of them Holiday editions. Most of these Bears have the Swarovski ‘Trimlite T’ logo.

Among them:

"Swarovski Bear with Tulips

Swarovski Bear with Tulips, Issued by Dillards Department Stores
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Bear with Tulips
a/k/a Terry Bear
Bear with baseball cap holding a bunch of red tulips. Issued for Mother’s Day.
Issued & Retired in 1992

Bear with Bowtie
This Bear has a crystal head and body with arms, legs and bow tie made of gold plated metal.
Size: 1-3/8 inches / 32mm high
It retailed for $15 in 1988. He retired the same year.
The Secondary Market Value is approximately $58.

Bear with Stocking Cap
Issued in 1990, now Retired, his Secondary Market Value is approximately $75.
Size: 1-1/4 inches / 32mm high
Photo Compliments of Trixi

Holiday Hello Snowman

This guy has a goldtone head, hat & arms with a crystal body. He is 1-1/2 inches / 37mm high & bears the
Swan Logo , as he was issued in 1994. He retailed for $15 and his Secondary Market Value is approximately

Twinkles Holiday Bear
Twinkles has a crystal head and body with gold legs and arms and hat. This bear has one crystal ear (the other presumably hidden by the cap). Black smooth crystal is used for the eyes and nose. The hat forms a loop with a the red ribbon for hanging.
Size: 1-1/4 inches High x 7/8 inches Long x 3/4 inches Wide 30mm x 22mm x 16mm
Twinkles can be found with either the Swan logo, or no logo at all & comes in a special box just for him
Issued in 1990 & now Retired, he retailed for $25. Because of his rarity, the Secondary Market Value for this piece is in the $100 range.

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3 thoughts on “Swarovski Dillard’s Issues

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  2. […] Swarovski Dillard’s Issues (crystalfanatics.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Robert says:

    Most Swarovski collectors would love to get hold of any Trimlite items for their collections

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