The Swarovski Silver Crystal Mini Cats

"Swarovski Mini Cats"

Swarovski Mini Cats
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Swarovski Variations, Versions, whatever you want to call them, are nothing more to me than how the piece is assembled at the factory. You will find many variations among the issues for Silver Crystal, especially in the ‘Animals’ category.

However, for your general information, here’s the story of the mini-cats.

Cat – Mini Cat – Var 1

Cat – miniature U.S. Issue
Looking straight ahead – Var. 1
Logo: Block SC or Swan
Designed by Max Schreck (deceased) this cat is approximately 1 1/2 inches long & retailed for $27.50
Issue Date: 1982 / Discontinued style in 1992
MRP: $27.50

Cat – Mini Cat – Var 2

Cat – miniature European issue – Var. 2 – looking sideways
Size: 1 1/4 inches & 32mm high
Faceted clear crystal Miniature Cat with a flexible metal tail; Jet crystal nose and eyes.
Logo: Block SC or Swan
Designer: Max Schreck
Issue Date: 1979 / Retired 2007
It retailed for $35. Both versions are not worth much more in today’s secondary market.

Head placements are slightly different in each issue.  Initially, all the mini cats had floppy or semi-floppy tails.  On re-launch, the mini cat with the stiffer tail became the standard.

CATS are a Favorite subject among our Crystal Fanatics and many of them have been issued in other Product lines.  We’ll save them for another day. 🙂
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    Cats no not my thing. I am a dog person

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