The Swarovski Silver Crystal Squirrels

Squirrels issued in the Swarovski ‘Silver Crystal’ product line include:

Squirrel – Var 1 – Large Ears

This version is a faceted and smooth clear crystal squirrel holding an acorn with Jet crystal eyes.
The crystal acorn can be found in either paw, or both paws.
This squirrel was part of the ‘Rare Encounters’ series of animals & can be found with either the old Block SC or Swan logo.
Designed by Max Schreck & released in 1985, it retired in June, 2012.
It retailed in 1985 for $58.50, and through the years, the list price raised to $75.
It is valued at approximately $50 in today’s secondary market.

Squirrel – Var 2 – Small Ears

This version has smaller ears & the only difference to the one issued above is it was part of the Woodland Friends series, and retired in 1994. It retailed for $55 in  1985, and today it’s value is approximately $60. A so-called ‘expert’ in Swarovski Crystal once told me that this version would becom ‘valuable’ because of the small ears. It didn’t happen.

Squirrel – Var 3 – Black Nut – A FAKE

Known as Variation 3, This piece is a FAKE – Beware!
The black nut on the Squirrel is the same piece of crystal used in the eyes of the Frog Prince & can easily be switched by someone who knows what they are doing. It is believed this was accomplished by a former Swarovski employee. It has the Swan logo.
We believe this piece to be worthless, but you might see it selling in the Secondary Market for in excess of $500. Don’t Waste Your Money!

1997 Squirrel – 10th Anniversary – SCS

Issued in celebration of Swarovski Crystal Society’s 10 year Anniversary in 1997.
Designed by Anton Hirzinger, it is a Commemorative Edition, packaged with a black mirror signed by the designer, and only available to SCS members for one year. It has the Swan Logo with SCS on it and retailed for $140. Today it is valued at approximately $125.

"Squirrel, Crystal Copper"

Squirrel, Crystal Copper
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Squirrel, Crystal Copper

Squirrel, in Crystal Copper, Designed by Heinz Tabertshofer, featured in faceted Violet Crystal with a Copper Coating & a Jet crystal nose and eyes.
Originally, this was a Silver Crystal issue as part of the ‘In the Secret Garden’  Grouping. Since then, Swarovski has AGAIN reorganized its categories and it is now part of the ‘Crystal Nature’ Grouping.
Issued in September 2012, this is Currently available in the retail marketplace. It initially listed for $85 in 2012, but has since increased in price to $90.

You can see ALL of these Products in our in our FABULOUS CFC Photo Gallery.

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4 thoughts on “The Swarovski Silver Crystal Squirrels

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  4. Robert says:

    Squirrels were quite a popular item.
    But remember lookout for the squirrel with the black nut.
    If he has a black nut he is not real.
    Squirrels do not have black nuts!

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