The Old Swarovski Paperweights

Views of Pyramid Pwts

The Pyramid Paperweights in varying colors

We can only wish to have Swarovski issue paperweights like these again.  They came in varying shapes and colors:

Bermuda Blue, Clear, Crystal Cal, Helio, Inn Green, Sahara, Seal, Tabac, Vitrail Medium, Vitrail Light & Volcano.

Atomic Paperweight – 6-sided facets, resembling a honeycomb.

Barrel Paperweight – a/k/a  the Revolution / Granate Paperweight, shaped like a beer barrel with 4-sided facets resembling a rectangle.

Carousel Paperweight – shaped like a cupcake, it is smaller in diameter at the base, and widens at the top.

Cone – a/k/a the Rio Paperweight, similar in design to a cone. The design was inspired by Sugarloaf Mountain, located in the harbor of Rio de Janerio, Brazil.

Chaton – resembles a diamond gemstone in shape. Never released in any other color but Clear, but issued in several different sizes.

Egg – shaped like an egg. 2 slightly different shapes were issued, one in clear and in color. The colored versions have a base for the color and are more pointed at one end.

Geometric – a/k/athe Geo, 6-sided roundish paperweight without a base, released in clear only.

Octron – in the shape named, 8-sided with 4 large and 4 small facets.

The Pyramids issued in Small and Large, originally called the Pharaoh paperweight for a brief period of time – 4-sided crystal paperweight having the least number of facets of all the paperweights. The Large is only 1/2″ taller than the Smaller version. The Pyramid Paperweight was issued in all 11 colors.

Round Paperweights – shaped like a ball, they were issued in many different sizes: 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and 100mm diameters, and most all of the varying colors.
The Round Paperweights were produced in both the Silver Crystal and Crystal Colors product lines.
The Silver Crystal Round Paperweights came packaged in the Round Grey Cylinders with the Logo imprinted on it and have a Swarovski Logo; the Crystal Colors issues were not marked with any logo, and were packaged in plastic boxes, like the Souvenir Paperweights, or came in simple white boxes.

The Swarovski Logo on the paperweights varies. Those produced in the late 70’s will be found without any logo and some may have foil stickers with the Block SC attached to a felt base.  Those issued in the 80’s will have the Old Block SC logo, and if produced in the  90’s, you will find the Swan logo.

You can see all these wonderful, old issues of the paperweights in our FABULOUS CFC Photo Gallery.

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4 thoughts on “The Old Swarovski Paperweights

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  4. Robert says:

    These early paperweights were fantastic items.Great shapes and colours. My favorites were the Cones/Rio’s odd design but very interesting to collect.

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