Swarovski Boxes – Are They Crucial?

Swarovski Boxes: The Controversary –


Are They Crucial? True or Not?

It is an accepted fact that the Swarovski cylinders and boxes are necessary for the safe transport and storage of our Swarovski crystal. After all, a company producing fragile crystal must have proper packaging in order to get their products to the retailer without significant risk of damage. But, after you purchase the crystal pieces, should the box be retained to sustain the value?

Among the most frequent questions we receive is “Just how important is it to keep the original Swarovski boxes?”
The answer to that question depends upon whether you want your collection to be ‘complete’, making your piece more valuable in the after-market.

If the Swarovski crystal is an Annual Edition, Limited Edition, or Numbered Limited Edition, the boxes are crucial to retain value because each of these boxes are specific to the item – you cannot swap them; in other words, they cannot be interchanged. In the case of the numbered editions, the boxes are specifically designed to protect that particular figurine. No other boxes would fit the figurine, much less store or protect it from damage.

If the crystal is an item from any other Swarovski product line, the Swarovski box is more generic and might be interchangeable if the product identification label is not on the box. Some collectors insist that the label also be intact on the box.

And, some collectors are certain they need the Swarovski packaging for every single piece in their collection. They will spend extra money to ensure that the proper box is included with the crystal. However, Swarovski packaging does take up storage space.  While the original, correct packaging does make a figurine easier to sell, easier to ship, and will generally sell for more than a figurine without the packaging, the storage issue can play a part in the decision to keep or discard the boxes.

After all is said and done, it is a personal decision whether or not you have the space & desire to keep track of and store all the proper boxes & documentation for a piece.
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6 thoughts on “Swarovski Boxes – Are They Crucial?

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  2. […] Swarovski Boxes – Are They Crucial? (crystalfanatics.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] Swarovski Boxes – Are They Crucial? (crystalfanatics.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] Swarovski Boxes – Are They Crucial? (crystalfanatics.wordpress.com) […]

  5. Robert says:

    I think it all comes down to price.
    Boxes and packing are important, but after all Swarovski Collectors collect the crystal item. So if you really want a certain item but the box and or packing is missing and the price reflects this. Then go ahead and buy it.
    As said above I would accept that for Limited Editions then the box is vital unless you are getting the item at a very very low price.

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