2004 Swarovski Annual Edition Anna

"Swarovski Annual Edition Anna"

Swarovski Annual Edition Anna
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Designed by Anton Hirzinger, Anna is the Last of Magic of Dance Trilogy and the series of Human Figurines, Thankfully!  Anna was designed to represent Anna Pavlova & is 7 ½” (187mm) tall x 2 inches Wide x 8 inches Long, made from clear crystal with a yellow crystal sash.
Etched with 04AS & the Swan logo, she was issued and retired in 2004, for $370.
Current Secondary Value is approximately $300.00.
Recent sales reflect the actual secondary value:

(2) MIB $180
MIB with Stand $250
$149 with Plaque & Ballet Shoes
MIB $151.50 with Display Stand and Plaque
MIB $132.50 with Ballet Shoes (1 shoe broken)
MIB $189
MIB Signed by the Artist $200
MIB $190
MIB $170 with Display Stand
(2) MIB $233
MIB $174.99 with Free Shipping
(2) MIB $249.99
MIB $176.13 with Plaque & Stand
You can see photos of All the Annual Editions  in CFC’s FABULOUS Photo Gallery. There are MORE than 11,000 Photos – NO one else online offers so many photos of Swarovski Crystal!

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2 thoughts on “2004 Swarovski Annual Edition Anna

  1. […] 2004 Swarovski Annual Edition Anna (crystalfanatics.wordpress.com) […]

  2. Robert says:

    The Magic of Dance were I think, the best Trilogy Swarovski has produced.

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