Swarovski 2012 Annual Edition Crystal Snowflake Ornament

Swarovski 2012 Annual Edition Crystal Snowflake Ornament  – A Perfect Gift!

One of my favorite things about the Christmas holiday is decorating the Christmas tree with family and close friends. Personally, I love hanging the annual edition ornaments on the tree.

"2012 Swarovski Annual Edition Ornament"

2012 Swarovski Annual Edition Ornament
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The Swarovski 2012 Annual Edition Crystal Snowflake Ornament is for anyone who collects Swarovski Crystal (I have them from 1981 to the present day). Personally, I take my ornies out of their wall cabinets, where they are displayed all year (they’re too pretty to put away) and every one them is displayed on our Christmas Tree. Believe it or not, a lot of them are carefully placed on ‘spinners’ & the effect with the Christmas lights is stunning.

In following with Swarovski’s tradition, this year’s ornament is designed as a snowflake (as they do in ‘even’ years; ‘Odd’ years are stars). This unique design features 6 delicate points and has an elegant tag that has “2012″ engraved on it.   The dimensions are 2-9/16 by 3-3/16 inches. This year’s issue was designed by Elisabeth Adamer & retails for $75.00. The ornaments retire at the end of the year of issue, and some of them have become very, very valuable on the secondary market.

No matter how you choose to display the Swarovski Crystal Annual Edition Ornaments, they are sure to catch the attention of your visitors.

I think that the Swarovski Annual Edition Ornaments are just one of those gifts that keeps on giving, year after year.  We recommend that you purchase your Annual Edition Ornaments and Swarovski Crystal from the Crystal Fox Gallery, tell Janna or Nancy we sent you! http://www.Crystal-Fox.com

You can see photos of All the Annual Edition Ornaments in CFC’s FABULOUS Photo Gallery. There are MORE than 11,000 Photos – NO one else online has so many photos of Swarovski Crystal!

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2 thoughts on “Swarovski 2012 Annual Edition Crystal Snowflake Ornament

  1. Anne says:

    Great stuff, thanks.

  2. Robert says:

    I must be an odd person. All the Swarovski collectors I know love the Swarovski Ornies. I do not I hate them. Must be because I am British.

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