1997 Swarovski Annual Edition Dragon

"Swarovski Annual Edition Dragon"

Swarovski Annual Edition Dragon
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The 1997 Swarovski Annual Edition Dragon was designed by Gabriele Stamey as the 2nd issue in the Fabulous Creatures Trilogy.

The Dragon is cut from clear crystal, with a frosted mane and tail, with red eyes. The SCS mark & logo are laser etched with the year of issue and the designer´s initials. In early 1997, an etched Swan mark was added to the dragon´s tail because collectors could not find the original laser mark. The Dragon measures 5-1/2 inches, or 137mm long and retired the year of issue. It retailed for $325.

It is valued at approximately $225, however Recent sales are as follows:
MIB $149.99
MIB $99.00  !!!
MIB $172.50
MIB $165.00
NO Cert $76.00 !!!
With Box $125.00
MIB $152.49
NO Cert $116.50
MIB $170.00
MIB $143.62

Dragon with Chipped Mane on SCS Dragon Stand $74.99
MIB $147.50
MIB $358.04 (UK)
MIB $152.76
with SCS Dragon Stand

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7 thoughts on “1997 Swarovski Annual Edition Dragon

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  5. […] 1997 Swarovski Annual Edition Dragon (crystalfanatics.wordpress.com) […]

  6. Swarovski Crystal says:

    This is a beautiful Dragon made by swarovski crystal and i really like it.

  7. Robert says:

    This piece will always be very special to me. It was the first Swarovski item I bought from John Whillock who ran the original Crystal Exchange.
    I followed this piece by buying over 130 more from John who became a good and trusted friend. Very sadly John passed a way a few years ago.

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