Swarovski Magnifiers

Years ago, Swarovski produced some ‘useful’ items for the Home and Collectors alike.  Among the more ‘functional’ items produced were Candleholders, Clocks, Treasure Boxes and even Magnifiers, to name a few.
The Swarovski Magnifier releases are the more uncommon items released among the older figurines. 

The Swarovski Table Magnifier was produced from 1978 through 1983.  Two different types of magnifiers were issued, both produced with a different metal trim. They consisted of a Large Faceted Crystal Base, accented with a Rhodium or Gold Rim. Some were issued without the official Swarovski logo on them; however, some were also issued with the old Block SC logo on them.  The Swarovski Table Magnifier is just over 3.5 ” long one was produced with gold trim and the other in Rhodium.  Both variations retailed for $70 and if you can find them, you can pay upwards of $500 for them today on the secondary market.

Swarovski also produced magnifiers with a chain attached to the handle, also available with a rhodium or gold trim.  These chain magnifiers are about 3.75 inches in length.  The Swarovski Block SC logo is stamped into the metal.  They were issued in 1982 and retired in 1984 and are much more valuable.

Other Magnifers were also issued:

"Mothers Day Magnifier Pendant 1999"

Mothers Day Magnifier Pendant 1999 Photo from one of our Very Own ‘Crystal Fanatics’
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The Mother’s Day Pendant Magnifier, issued and retired in 1999 as a Special Edition in a Blue Heart-shaped Gift box. It bears the Swan logo and retailed for $75.

A crystallized Jeweled Pendant was released from the Signature Jewelry Series and the Caprice Rhodium Pendant was released from the Daniel Swarovski product line in in 2001, retiring in 2003.

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One thought on “Swarovski Magnifiers

  1. Robert says:

    Now this is more like it. These older items were not only useful but beautifully made as well. Swarovski at this time seem to take a pride in what they made. They gave the collectors what they wanted quality well made items.

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