Swarovski-Sanrio Hello Kitty Jewelry & Figurines in Black and White

Again in collaboration with Swarovski, Sanrio has designed a set of jewelry & figurines for Hello Kitty 2012.  This season, in addition to the iconic pink, Hello Kitty wears a new costume, blending white studs, leather and star patterns, and mixing contrasting black and white designs in the earrings, pendants, and figurines.

"2012 Sanrio - Swarovski Jewelry Collection"

2012 Sanrio – Swarovski Jewelry Collection

The Hello Kitty accessories and pendants blend the Swarovski Pointiage® ceramic technology into black ribbon and crystal beads. In addition, there are pink Hello Kitty items produced in combination with lollipops and cupcakes.

The New figurines include:

Hello Kitty Gold Bow – Hello Kitty wears a rock and roll outfit, perfectly matching the latest jewelry and accessories collection. She shines in Crystal Satin with a Crystal Aurum bow and Jet crystal dress and retails for $140.00.

Hello Kitty, Limited Edition – Limited to 88 pieces and done in the Swarovski Pointiage Technique with 23,325 hand-set crystals. Only available in 2012, each one is engraved with its individual edition number.
Size: 7″ H x 4.8″ W x 4.4″ D. Retails at $8,000

With so many existing Hello Kitty fans and  Swarovski crystal jewelry & figurines collectors, there is no doubt that the Hello Kitty series comes to a new stage.

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One thought on “Swarovski-Sanrio Hello Kitty Jewelry & Figurines in Black and White

  1. Robert says:

    Hello Kitty. My opinion Cheap and Tacky looks like items that you may get out of a crane grab amusement machine at the seaside. Ideal for a six year old.

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