Swarovski Silver Crystal City

"Swarovski Silver Crystal City"

Silver Crystal City

Photo © Copyright Crystal Fanatics Club, Inc.

Seven Different Issues of Swarovski’sCrystal City” were introduced between 1990 and 1993, each of them designed by Gabriele Stamey.


The Cathedral is 2 1/4 inches 57mm high, and bears the Swan logo.  Issued in 1990 and Retired in 1994, it retailed for $120. Today it is valued at approximately $100.

City Gates

With the Swan logo, the City Gates are 1 1/2 inches and 38mm long. They were issued in 1991 and Retired in 1994. They retailed for $95 and its Current Value is also approximately $100.
Issue Date: 1991 / Retired 1994

City Tower

The City Tower measures 1 3/4 inches and 45mm high, bearing the Swan logo
Issue Date: 1991 and Retired in 1994 with a retail price of $42.50
Current Value is approximately $80.
This version of the City Tower has Two Windows and was probably a Prototype. This would be a RARE find!

City Tower with 2 Windows

Photo © Copyright Crystal Fanatics Club, Inc.

Houses 1 and 2

Houses I & II are a set of 2, one is 1-1/4 inches x 32mm high & the other is 7/8 inches by 22mm high
In Faceted clear crystal, they bear the Swan logo. They were issued in 1990 and Retired in 1994. Retail price was $75 for the set and they are valued at approximately $95.

Houses 3 and 4

Houses III &IV are also in a set of 2, with the same measurements as Houses 1 and 2.
Although different, they are also in Clear faceted crystal with the Swan logo, they were issued and retired in the same timeframe, with the same current values.

Poplar Trees – Set of 3

The Poplar Trees, stand 32mm high and are 1 1/4 inches, bearing the Swan logo.
Issue Date: 1990 / Retired 1994, retailing at $49.50
Current Value $112.50

Town Hall

A well-known Reference book has the system code incorrectly as 173 743 (173743), both Swarovski product listings and official website show this as 173 742.
Bears the Swan logo and is 2 3/8 inches & 65mm long, the largest of all the Crystal City pieces.
Issue date: 1993 / Retired 1994, retailing at $135, it has the highest secondary market value at $202.50.

A Crystal City Dealer Display Stand was also issued to Swarovski Dealers for display in their stores.

"Swarovski Silver Crystal City Dealer Display Stand"

Photo © Copyright Crystal Fanatics Club, Inc.


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One thought on “Swarovski Silver Crystal City

  1. Robert says:

    Another set I have not come across although I have seen photo’s of this set. No not my cup of tea. I think items this small need a bit of colour in them or gold metal just to make them stand out a bit more.

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