The NEW Swarovski Lovlots Emoti’s

A NEW product brand, the Lovlots Emoti’s from Swarovski, don’t actually reside IN Lovlots City, but in the clouds, hovering above the earth, spreading ‘vibrant feelings through the air’. The Emoti’s  are invisible to earth-bound characters, and cast spells that may cause these Lovlots ‘characters’ to exhibit ’emotional’ feelings.
Not manufactured as purely crystal, they are a mixture of faceted crystal with plastic, metal and epoxy.
I wonder who came up with this brilliantly stupid idea!

There are six of them, just launched this month.  They are:

  • Anger – This Lovlots Emoti in Fireopal Silver Shade and Crystal Moonlight crystal is highlighted by clouds of steam in a matte white synthetic material shooting from its head.
  • Curiosity – a rabbit with one ear in Crystal Moonlight, while the other ear is a Peridot Aurore Boreale crystal question mark.
  • Desire – bear with flaming red synthetic hair and an Aquamarine Aurore Boreale crystal body
  • Energy – in Crystal Moonlight, Rosaline Moonlight, and Light Siam crystal, this character has a silver-tone cloud in synthetic material, displaying a silicon rubber lightning bolt sprouting from its head.
  • Hope – body in Violet Moonlight crystal and head in Crystal Moonlight with a 4-color rainbow in synthetic material sprouting from the head.
  • Love –   a pink pig in Kakadu red crystal with Fuchsia pants and clear crystal feet, finished with a heart in fuchsia-toned metal.  Ever heard of a ‘pig’ spreading love ?

Somehow, I’m thinking these are not going to be very popular or well received among the older, more traditional collectors, and it’s obvious they were manufactured for a younger-at-heart target market.  They retail for $90 each.

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2 thoughts on “The NEW Swarovski Lovlots Emoti’s

  1. Robert says:

    Will we soon see a Swarovski Shop on the front at Blackpool, They seem to have lost the plot. Now they are competing with the Knick Knack shops at the seaside. What will be there latest sales gimmick ? Buy two pieces of crystal and get a kiss-me-quick hat free.
    Wake up Swarovski and get back to producing quality items before it is to late.

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