What is a Secondary Market Specialist ?

  • What is a Secondary Market Specialist ?

    By Pat King  Crystal Fanatics Club · 

    The secondary market is the buying and selling of collectibles previously sold on the primary market by retailers to collectors, but sold out or no longer available from the manufacturer, or the company who initially issued the collectible piece.

     Secondary market prices are determined by the collectors who are buying and selling collectibles – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. In other words, the price for a secondary market piece is a direct reflection of the supply and demand for a product.  A collectible piece is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. It used to be the trend that secondary market prices for collectibles are higher than those that were in the primary market. That is no longer true in this economy. eBay is also a major contributing factor to the decline in value of collectible in the marketplace. Too many Sellers = less value.

    Some secondary market specialists also provide locator services, buy and/or sell retired collectibles, do appraisals, & offer basic information related to collecting. Of particular note here with regard to ‘appraisals’ – be careful who you get them from; some appraisers have been known to heavily inflate the value of a piece. Do some research yourself to see what a particular piece has been selling for in the aftermarket and you’ll probably find that is what the piece is worth.

    If you buy retired items from a secondary market specialist, expect to pay more because their commission is added to the price you pay – that’s basically how they make their money.

    Make sure you deal with HONEST, Reliable Dealers in the Secondary Market. Inquire from those who do not profit from giving their opinion: Ask a Friend if they have ever dealt with them, Join a Collectors Club (like CFC) to find out the reputation of a dealer, look up reviews on the Internet. Nothing is worse than dealing with a Dealer who does not deliver what they promise.

  • Our Recommendations for Reputable Secondary Market Specialists: 

     Overseas – Alison at The Crystal Lodge (a CFC member)


    USA – Jimer at Swanseekers


    To Purchase Current Swarovski – Nancy at the Crystal Fox Gallery

    www.Crystal-Fox.com (also a CFC Member)

    Tell them we sent you!  🙂

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5 thoughts on “What is a Secondary Market Specialist ?

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  2. Nan says:

    You may pay a bit more by dealing through a Broker/Dealer but traders like the ones mentioned above will help and look after you and take the trouble to try to locate items that you really want in your collection.

  3. Robert says:

    I agree with the comments about the secondary market specialists made by Marlene. As a collector in the U.K. I know Alison well and have always found her to be a very fair and honest dealer to buy from.

  4. […] What is a Secondary Market Specialist ? (crystalfanatics.wordpress.com) […]

  5. Marlene says:

    Alison at the Crystal Lodge, Jimer at Swanseekers, and Nancy at the Crystal Fox Gallery are all fantastic people to deal with and I have never had any issues with any of them. For information about all current, retired, and extremely rare pieces there is no better place then the CFC!

    Not deep into collecting, but want to chat with people who have a common interest in Swarovski… the CFC is still the best place to go. I have made friends from around the world through my participation on this website.

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