Swarovski Wild Horses – 3rd NLE

The Swarovski Wild Horses, the 3rd Numbered Limited Edition (NLE), were designed by Martin Zendron,  elegantly sculptured in the form of the wild mustangs found in North America and the Austrian Alps. Available only to Swarovski Crystal Society (SCS) members in 2001, they were issued to Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Silver Crystal product line.  10,000 were released worldwide.
They were the first NLE to use frosted accents featured on the mane, tails, and the base; it is Numbered & Laser etched with the Swan logo.

Photo © Copyright Crystal Fanatics Club, Inc.

They are fairly large in size, the dimensions are as follows:

  • Length of base : 5 1/8 inches
  • Width of base : 14 1/4 inches
  • Height: 7 7/16 inches (includes base)
  • Height of base: 1 3/16 inches
  • Size: 13-3/4 inches Wide x 8 inches High with base

The black wooden pedestal display stand is imprinted with the designer´s signature and year of issue, and separate from the actual figurine. The grey leather-like case has a keyless locking system (unlike the 2 previous issues) and included gloves and a cleaning cloth.

A Full Color Presentation Book and Certificate of Authority (COA) is included and signed by Martin Zendron and Helmut Swarovski.
150 production samples (PS) were produced and so numbered, ie. PS1, PS2, etc.  These are normally distributed among the Swarovski Family.

The Wild Horses had the 2nd highest initial manufacturer’s retail price of $4000, exceeded only by the Swarovski NLE Rhinoceros (a big flop) in 2008 at $4125.  Stay Tuned, we’ll review it too!  On the secondary market, the Wild Horses are surpassing all other Swarovski NLE’s, presently selling between $3900 – $4950. This is probably due to their exquisite beauty and popularity among Crystal Fanatics.

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5 thoughts on “Swarovski Wild Horses – 3rd NLE

  1. […] Swarovski Wild Horses – 3rd NLE (crystalfanatics.wordpress.com) […]

  2. […] Swarovski Wild Horses – 3rd NLE (crystalfanatics.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Marlene says:

    Same here… the horses are my favorite of the NLE. I was mesmerized when I first saw them, and still am after all these years. This piece is alive!

  4. Nan says:

    Yes definitely my number one item in my collection.

  5. Robert says:

    I think that most collectors will agree that if they could only have one of the Limited Edition pieces it would be this one.

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