Swarovski NLE Lime Soulmates Panther

Swarovski logo

Swarovski logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Swarovski has released yet another Limited Edition Online Panther.  It is the 3rd NLE (Numbered Limited Edition) in the Eclectic Panther Collection.
Our Crystal Fanatic Members are really liking this edition.

The previous two Panthers were the Black Panther NLE, issued in April, 2010, and it sold out in days. The Orange Shine Panther, NLE, issued in August 2012, is also Sold Out, but it took a lot longer to do so.   All three Swarovski Soulmates Panthers are Limited Online Editions with a maximum production of 888 units, only available to SCS (Swarovski Crystal Society) members.
A maximum quantity of to 3 per person is being imposed this time (an effort to keep eBay sellers from listing it at inflated prices ?).  Each Panther is 8 1/4 x 7 1/16 inches in size, engraved with its individual number on the cut Black Spot granite base, and comes complete with a cleaning cloth and gloves.

We’re wondering if Swarovski plans to issue all 43 Eclectic Panthers (all in different colors) that were manufactured and displayed during the opening of its Vienna Store.  We’re also wondering……, who would want to collect them All ?

The Swarovski Lime Panther was first available for purchase online at Swarovski.com on April 16, 2012, and is still currently available for $1,100 USD until it sells out. 

You can of see photos of All the Eclectic Panthers in our FABULOUS CFC’s  Photo Gallery, where there are MORE than 10,000 Photos –
NO one else online has so many photos of Swarovski Crystal !

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2 thoughts on “Swarovski NLE Lime Soulmates Panther

  1. Nan says:

    I do hope that there are no more Soulmate Panthers.
    I like the ones that have been issued, but if there are any more made Swarovski will kill any pleasure in them and sicken people of them.

  2. Robert says:

    I hope Swarovski do not go as mad on Soulmate Panthers as they have on Lovelot Mo’s. If they do it is going to be very very expensive to collect all the possible panthers. ( To expensive for me).
    Also who’s has got the space to display a lot of them.

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