Swarovski Frogs

Swarovski has produced 4 frogs that are a part of the Silver Crystal product line.

Swarovski Frog – a clear frog, part of the “In the Secret Garden” theme group.  The Frog was produced 1994 – 2006, so you will only find it with the Swan logo. This is a tiny crystal frog with Black and green eyes that retailed for $55.

Baby Frog – clear faceted  crystal with Sahara eyes, and is a part of the “In the Secret Garden” theme group.  The Baby Frog was introduced in 2002, and is currently available.

Prince Frog (Black Eyes) – This frog has a clear body, a clear crown, and black eyes.  The Prince Frog was introduced in 1984, and this variation was retired in 1991.  Because of the timeframe it was produced, it can be found with either logo:  Block SC logo OR Swan logo.

Prince Frog (Clear Eyes) –  clear body, a clear crown, and clear eyes.  It has the same crystal body as the black-eyed Prince Frog, but with different eyes.  This variation of the Prince Frog was discontinued in 1985, and for this reason, can be found with only the old Block SC logo.  Use caution when purchasing a Prince Frog with Clear Eyes, paying close attention to possible eye alteration and the logo to ensure that is is an original Swarovski creation.

Any number of frogs have been issued by Swarovski in other product lines, including  Trimlite, Lovlots, & E&R, as well as the Oliver Weber product line.
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2 thoughts on “Swarovski Frogs

  1. Nan says:

    I do not like frogs.
    But toads? well may be if Swarovski would produce pieces from
    “Wind in the Willows”
    Toad of Toad hall would be good.

  2. Robert says:

    Frogs No! not for me.
    Not very keen on then at all.
    I have the blue dart frog,
    that’s all I want.

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