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For those SCS members who were fortunate enough to attend the Designer Signing Event in January in San Francisco for the SCS Jubilee Dragon, and those who participated in the Swarovski Crystal Society Event in stores February 23-26, the SCS Jubilation Crystallized Chopstick Set was offered as a a special gift when you purchased the Jubilee Dragon. We were fortunate enough to attend the San Francisco Event with our good friends, Nancy and Daryl from the Crystal Fox Gallery (crystal-fox.com), and it was a FUN weekend! Photos are posted in our FABULOUS CFC Photo Gallery.

The tapered Chopsticks measure about 9 1/2″ long, made from a shiny white material with a large clear crystal stone and smaller crystal stones encircling the end of them.  Enclosed with them is a small white Chopstick rest, as part of the boxed set. These will be offered at additional store events during 2012.

Swarovski issued the first set of very hard to find Chopsticks from the Selection ‘Dressed Up Collection’, in 2002. However, they were taken off the market quickly for some unknown reason, explaining why they are so difficult to find.
These were tapered wood Chopsticks, painted black, with 8 rectangular crystals placed lengthwise at the larger end, and marked with a Swarovski swan on the opposite side of the taper.
2 Square Crystal Chopstick holders were also issued separately in this product line in a set of 2, retailing for $105, retiring in 2004.

You can see these photos in CFC’s FABULOUS Photo Gallery. There are MORE than 10,000 Photos – NO one else online has so many photos of Swarovski Crystal!
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2 thoughts on “Swarovski Chopsticks

  1. Nan says:

    I will stick to knife, fork and spoon.
    I am to set in my ways for chopsticks

  2. Robert says:

    Yes I like these.
    and I am lucky enough to have them in my collection
    I did not go to the signing event in San Francisco,
    ( a bit far from the U.K.).
    But thanks to two very good friends who sent me them.to me.

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