The NEW Lovlots Sealife

The newest 2012 Swarovski Lovlots additions are now available, the Lovlots Sealife, a new Category in the Lovlots group, range in price from $65 to  $165.
FYI: The Kris Bears have also been moved to Lovlots.  There are 3 new Kris Bears.

They include:

Lovlots Sealife Danny – 1119915.  Sealife Danny is a dolphin retailing for $165.  Danny is light blue with a gray tail. The Fanatics are most excited by this piece.

Gina – 1121757.   Gina is a seahorse that retails for $65.  She is red and yellow, and quite small.

Jack – 1115223.   Jack is a penguin and retails for $100.  He is light blue in color with a red and yellow beak.

Johnny – 1115219.   Johnny is also a penguin and retails for $50.  Johnny is Jack’s son and smaller than Jack; he is light blue in color with a red beak.

Shelly & Sam – 1119916. Shelly & Sam are two playful fish, retailing for $90.  Shelly is a light green fish and Sam is in royal blue.

I know a few Fanatics who have displayed the figurines from the Sea in an aquarium; it’s a pretty neat idea.

The 2012 limited edition, Lovlots Lucky Mo, is also currently available. In green with shamrocks, he retails for $65.00

There are NEW Issues in 2012 for the Kris Bears and the Happy Ducks too!

COME JOIN US! to see the Photos in our FABULOUS CFC Photo Gallery.

FOR Collectors of Swarovski Crystal

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3 thoughts on “The NEW Lovlots Sealife

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  2. Nan says:

    Please no more Lovlots.
    I am sick of this trash.

  3. Robert says:

    I think Swarovski has got a one track mind. Lovlots, Lovlots and more Lovlots.
    If they keep on producing much more of this rubbish, the next Swarovski outlets will be at the seaside a long with all the Knick-knack crap shops.
    Come on Swarovski what has happened to all the top quality items you were producing a few years ago. Us collectors want quality not cheap crap quantity or are you going down market? will we find Swarovski Items in Christmas Crackers next?

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