The REAL Story About Swarovski Vienna

Recently, a supposedly purported ‘authority’ of Swarovski Crystal ‘information’ posted on her blog a forewarning for the Swarovski White Frosted Soulmates Panther. The gist of the article stated that this item could very well be a forgery.

Anyone who knows anything about Swarovski Crystal is familiar with the Swarovski Vienna store that is a ‘stage’ for displaying rare issues and prototypes from Swarovski. One of our members traveled to Vienna in December 2010 and supplied us with a plethora of photos from the Vienna ‘Eclectic Panther – Moments to Remember’ display, that have been posted in our CFC Photo Galleries since then.

 © Copyright Crystal Fanatics Club
Taken by a CFC Member

A few of those panthers have since been produced for the marketplace by Swarovski on their website this year; namely, the Morada and Orange Shine Soulmate Panthers, originally included in this Collection. The photos carefully document each and every one of 45 Panthers in different various colors. Some of those colors, unfamiliar to Swarovski collectors, include Burgundy, Ceralun, Jasper, & Yellow Shadow, including the so-called ‘might be fake/altered’ Frosted White Panther. 


© Copyright Crystal Fanatics Club
Taken by a CFC Member, Photo #18

Posted BY Swarovski in December 2009, with an interview with Marcus Langes-Swarovski, I quote the following: “Constant renewal, change and innovation are the maxims at Swarovski. Various “Eclectic Panthers” serve as an indicator of crystal’s immensely variable properties, with the idea of the project to reinterpret a classical, crystalline piece in a variety of ways. As such, 45 of these panther figurines can be found in the heart of Vienna, with various colours, effects and materials, all based on precisely cut crystal.”

What further documentation or proof could you want? Anyone can look up this information on the internet.

In the same article, the Poodle with Frosted Tail and the AE Lion with Frosted mane are mentioned. Now these are Fakes! I personally know who did the ‘artwork’ and made a small fortune selling these ‘altered’ issues to collectors.

So Who would you believe?
IF you are truly a ‘crystal fanatic’ as this writer so clearly implies, literally stealing our Tradename, you know better.

Pat King
Crystal Fanatics Club, Inc.
FOR Collectors of Swarovski Crystal

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5 thoughts on “The REAL Story About Swarovski Vienna

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  4. Nan says:

    You do have to be careful about buying any items from unknown sellers.
    But stick to a honest reputable seller and you are safe.
    Oh and do not believe people who spread rumours about fakes unless they can back up what they say.

  5. Robert says:

    Thanks Pat for this very interesting article.
    It goes to show that some people who are so called experts are nothing of the sort.

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