Swarovski Magnets

Do You Know About the Swarovski Magnets ?

In our “Happy Halloween” article, we mentioned the Swarovski Halloween Magnets.

Well, Swarovski also issued other Magnets from their Crystal Memories line of products. Most retailed for $49.50, bear the Swarovski logo, and are now retired.

They include the following: 

  • My Little Hearts Magnets –   A set of  3 hearts with 3 in red and one in clear crystal. 
  • Ernie the Elephant Magnet – Designed by Eva Maria Reid in Crystal Cal. 
  • South Sea Magnets  – Designed by Elke Kumar. A set of sea creatures with a light blue angelfish, a Crystal Cal seahorse, a pink octopus, and a yellow butterflyfish. 
  • My Little Journey Magnets includes a yellow starfish, a Crystal Cal airplane, a Crystal Cal cruise ship, and a green palm tree. 
  • My Little Polar Bears Magnets – Designed by Keiko Arai. This set includes a mother polar bear and polar bear cub in Crystal Cal. 
  • My Little Sheep Magnets designed by Eva Maria Reid. Consists of one black sheep and one Crystal Clear sheep.
  • My Little Ocean Friends Arctic Dream Magnets – Again designed by Eva Maria Reid and includes a Crystal Cal iceberg, a Crystal Cal bear, a royal blue sea lion, and a light blue seal pup. 
  • Good Luck Magnets (shown below)- Designed by Elke Kumar, set of 4 with a four leaf clover, horseshoe, heart and ladybug. 

These were issued in 2004 and retired in 2004 in the U.S. They were ‘globally’ retired in 2005.

Are there MORE of the Crystal Moments Magnets! ??
You betcha! You can see them ALL in our CFC Photo Galleries.

Swarovski also issued generic magnets in a small, white see-through box. They do not have the Swarovski logo, most were issued in 2006 and retailed for $25.00.
I have personally seen and bought them in discount retail stores like T.J. Maxx and Marshalls.

Some of them include:

  • Octopus and Seahorse Magnets
  • Cat & Ghost Product #1 295 599
  • Fish & Octopus Product #1 270 350
  • Fish and Seahorse Product #1 295 600
  • Flower & Tulip Product #1 295 601
  • Butterfly and Heart Product #1 295 602
  • Dolphin & Whale
  • Heart Magnets – Red (2) Product #1 295 636
  • Palm tree and Airplane Product #1 295 611
  • Sun and Cruise Ship Product #1 295 610
  • Dog & Cat Magnets
  • Shamrock & Horseshoe
  • Bat & Jack-O-Lantern Product #1 295 604
  • Starfish & Sea Shell
  • Clover & Horseshoe Magnets
  • Heart & Horseshoe Magnets (pictured)
  • Ladybug & Heart
  • Heart Magnets Set of 2 in Clear Crystal

This is just a partial list; there’s LOTS MORE of these in our CFC Photo Galleries. Amazing, huh ?

You WON’T find all of this information in any retail ‘collector books’ for Swarovski Crystal, but all of this information & MORE is featured in our FABULOUS CFC PHOTO GALLERIES!

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2 thoughts on “Swarovski Magnets

  1. Nan says:

    Swarovski is definitely going down market.

  2. Robert says:

    Sorry I hate this seaside Knick Knack cheap looking rubbish.Come on Swarovski you will have to do better than these if you want to keep us as customers.

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