Swarovski Julia’s World

Julia’s World 

Figurines issued in the late 80’s, based on a book by Julia Limpke, and only distributed by Swarovski of America Ltd (SAL). There are 9 pieces of frosted boys and girls, all featured in the book, and discontinued in 1992. Original issue prices ranged from $29.50 to $55.00. A JW logo can be found on each piece, and Julia Limpke is also credited with designing each whimsical child.

Figurines Shown on lit Dealer Display Stand
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Pieces include:

  • Julia
  • Julia with Mandolin
  • Lena and Pepi seated on a clear crystal Bench (3 separate pieces)
  • Lena with Lute
  • Marian
  • Pepi & Mopsy (2 separate pieces)
  • Pepi with Drum
  • Sali
  • Sali with Accordion

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3 thoughts on “Swarovski Julia’s World

  1. Marlene says:

    These are not my favorite pieces, but they do make a cute set. The faceted pieces are the ones I really like, that's what Swarovski is famous for, and that is what adds the sparkle.

  2. Nan says:

    No I do not reckon to much to these items.I prefer Proper Swarovski items

  3. Robert says:

    Very interesting article, but these items are not for me.

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