Swarovski and the Famous Maker Perfume Bottles

Famous Maker Swarovski Perfume Bottles 

Aura, Issued in collaboration with Clarins Fragrance Group
Perfume created by perfumers, Jean-Pierre Bethouart and Olivier Cresp. Bottle for the fragrance was designed by Gwenaël Nicolas.  Issued: January 2011

Lancome Special Editions ~ 3 special edition Lancome Tresor Perfume Bottles were issued from 1994 to 1997; all three editions look pretty much the same, fashioned after Lancome’s Tresor perfume bottles, but made, of course, with Swarovski Crystal, in special packaging. These were limited, numbered editions ranging at issue price from $250.00 (1994) to $325.00 (1997).  All are now closed editions.

Yves St Laurant, introduced and closed in 1996, Ltd ed. of 6,233, in special packaging. Swarovski and the number are etched on an aerosol bottle, retailing for $325.  Again, yet another issue was introduced and closed in 1998, a flacon that had design problems. Issue price was $350.00. 

Jewel Perfume, introduced in 1997, a limited edition of 10,000, issued by Designer Perfum Ltd.
Numbered and packaged in a blue velvet box, & sold in the U.S. only.  A Diamond-shaped crystal flacon with a 24K gold-plated stand, now retired.

Laura Biagiotti Roma Perfume, sold only in Europe as a limited edition with very limited distribution due to production problems. Introduced and closed in 1997, current value is $850.00, if you can find one!

– LaPrairie BRILLIANCE Silver RAIN Perfume Bottle, Ltd Ed. of 1,000
Bottle designed with 3,000 Swarovski Crystals

Madam Gres Perfume, two different issues, one in pink and one in green, Limited to 5000 pieces.
Issued & Retired in 2003.

Thierry Mugler 15th Anniversary Angel Perfume, designed by Cecile Henri.
Swarovski joined forces with Thierry Mugler to mark the 15th anniversary of his Angel perfume. A crystallized 400 ml flacon was presented in all its glittering glory at the Luxe Pack Fair in Monaco in October 2006.

More Swarovski-designed perfume bottles, including those listed here, can be seen in our FABULOUS CFC Photo Galleries.

At CrystalFanaticsClub.com, you will find Photos of ALL the Swarovski Issues in our FABULOUS Photo Galleries, featuring Photos in Full Color, the Swarovski Product Name, Product Number, Designer, Current Value, Year of Issue and Retirement (if applicable) for every issue.
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2 thoughts on “Swarovski and the Famous Maker Perfume Bottles

  1. Nan says:

    I have to agree I do not like these at all.Very overpriced.

  2. Robert says:

    No I am not into all that stinky stuff.Makes me sneeze and cough

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