Swarovski Lovlots ‘Gang of Dogs’

The very successful, Swarovski Lovlots, introduced the ‘Gang of Dogs’ in 2008 with colorful portrayals of some of our favorite doggies.

Peppino – a Basset Hound, designed by Edith Mair, Product #9100 000 108 / 935 720, in fully faceted Light Smoked Topaz crystal with a Snout in faceted clear crystal, and Jet Crystal Eyes .
A Limited number of signed pieces were available at Swarovski online under a different product number: 1070449 –  

Issued: 2008 / Still Currently Available.

Different boxes issued with Peppino

Salvatore – Great Dane  Designer: Edith Mair
Great Dane in fully faceted Jet crystal with Indicolite crystal collar and eyes in Jet crystal.
Issued: 2008 / Retires 2011 

Tomasino – Bulldog  Designer: Stefanie Nederegger
Jet Nut Crystal with a snout in Smokey Quartz colored crystal.
Issued: 2008 / Retires 2011

Tomaso – Large Bulldog  Designer: Stefanie Nederegger
Tomasino’s older brother. Crystal Satin with Smoky Quartz snout.
Issued: 2008 / Retired 2010

Violetta Poodle – Limited Edition  Designer: Stefanie Nederegger
Faceted Violet Crystal with neck and tail in clear crystal; Jet Crystal eyes. Only Available in 2008.

Newest Editions This Year :

Scottie , retailing at $110, Scottie sparkles in Erinite crystal with Platinum White eyebrows and a Bordeaux crystal collar.
Coco is Peppino’s little brother. Sparkling in Lavender crystal with an Air Blue Opal crystal tail and ears, retails for $60.

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2 thoughts on “Swarovski Lovlots ‘Gang of Dogs’

  1. Nan says:

    Right you are Robert.More dogs, less Mo's and those other odd looking so called animals.

  2. Robert says:

    Now this is more like it. Lets have more dogs.Not those daft Mo's or Kris Bears

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