The 1986 Swarovski Christmas Ornaments

Swarovski used a Crystal teardrop component for the 1984, 1987, 1989 Swarovski Christmas Ornaments, and on some of the 1986 Swarovski ‘Holiday Etchings‘ ornies, issued by Giftware Suite.

In 1984, a RARE Fleur De Lis ornament was issued on a teardrop component & in 1985, etched trees were used.

There are 11 ‘known’ 1986 Holiday Etchings & you never know when more of them will be found. These 11 ‘Holiday Etchings’ are among the rarest of Swarovski Ornaments.

There were 4 Angels, 3 Bells, a Dove,  Holly,  a Snowflake design, and a Peace ornament on various shapes.   The  limited editions have the year 1986 etched on them below the featured design & come packaged in white velvet bags in white Giftware Suite boxes.   The product numbers on the boxes are 5 digit numbers, beginning with “9”.  They were only available in the USA at the time of production, making them more sought after by our Crystal Fanatics.

These ornaments were also produced with the same design and shape, but do NOT include the etched 1986 on them; therefore, they are not considered Limited Editions.  They were issued by Kristallwelten & sometimes found packaged in red, blue, or green vinyl-like boxes.

Other corporations have also been known to utilize the Teardrop component ornament as a promotional item for their firm.

Note to our Crystal Fanatics: if 1986 Swarovski Ornaments are on your Christmas Wish List, and you want the Limited Editions, make sure the etched 1986 is visible on the ornament. Truthfully, I’d be happy to have any of these issues.

Merry Christmas!  🙂

At, you will find Photos of ALL the Swarovski Christmas Ornaments in our FABULOUS CFC Photo Galleries, featuring Photos in Full Color, the Swarovski Product Name, Product Number, Designer, Current Value, Year of Issue and Retirement (if applicable) for every issue.

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3 thoughts on “The 1986 Swarovski Christmas Ornaments

  1. CFC says:

    Sorry Robert, I LUV the Swarovski ornies! And,I said 'Merry Christmas'. LOL

  2. Nan says:

    I like some of these, especially the different shaped ones. Some of the more recent ones all seem to be of a similar design.

  3. Robert says:

    Why did you have to say in this article Happy Christmas the shops here in the U.K. are all ready full of Christmas Stuff.BTW I hate Ornies as well as those horrible Kris Bears

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