The Swarovski Penguins

Swarovski has issued a number of ‘Penguins’ in many of it’s product lines.

Silver Crystal

  • Baby Penguins – Set of 3; Set of three baby penguins in clear faceted crystal with jet eyes. Set comes with a plastic base shaped like Antarctic continent. Designed by Adi Stocker in 1997, these are still available at Swarovski retailers.
  • Sir Penguin – Black & White crystal on small plastic base. Again, designed by Adi Stocker in 1995 & retired in 2000.
  • Madame Penguin – as above, issued in 1996 & retired in 1997.
  • Penguin – Mini – Designed by Max Schreck; Issue Date: 1985 / Retired 2001.
  • Large Penguin – Issue Date: 1984 / Retired Dec 1995, also designed by Max Schreck; these 2 issues can have either the old block logo or the swan logo.

Trimlite Pewter Penguins – Gold Trim, each are from From the Seaside Collection

  • Small Penguin  – Issue Date: 1983 / Retired 1986
  • Medium Penguin  – Issue Date: 1983 / Retired 1986
  • Large Penguin – Issue Date: 1983 / Retired 1986

Trimlite Penguin figurines with gold and pewter accents:

  • Small Pewter Penguin  Issue Date: 1982 / Retired 1986; and 3” tall. It was produced from 1982 through 1986, originally retailing for $195
  • Large Pewter Penguin  – From the “Boutiques and Paperweight” Collection, a pewter body, gold hat and scarf and a large tear drop shaped crystal at the front. Logo is a “T 1982” placed under the foot. Weighs 1-1/4 pounds.  Stands 5” tall, it was produced 1982 through 1986,  retailing for $125.

Symbols (Now Home & Interior)
  • Mother Penguin with Baby – Designed by Gabriele Stamey; 4-5/8 inches / 113mm high, Issued: 2003, US Retired 2004; Globally retired 2005 
  • Father Penguin – as above, but stands 5-1/8 inches / 128mm high

Ebeling & Reuss: From the Artic Collection, Penguin on Ice Float, Issued: 1986 / Retired 1988, ‘S’ logo.

Oliver WeberPenguin (2118) 153 crystals, Issue Date: 2002, MRP: $115

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3 thoughts on “The Swarovski Penguins

  1. Marlene says:

    I also like the penguins, but saying that… no more please! I prefer unique pieces and we are starting to see too many duplicates made.Keep up the good work in grouping the pieces together in the articles, it makes you realize just how much is out there. Mind you, the number of photos in the CFC galleries is a good indication as to how many pieces Swarovski actually has produced over the years!

  2. Nan says:

    Same here, Swarovski penguin lines are some of the better animal models that have been produced over the years.

  3. Robert says:

    I quite like any of the Penguins.I have the symbols pair, and I would like to get some of the others very soon.As they say here in the U.K. go p,p,pick up a penguin. (an advert on T.V. for a chocolate bar called penguin)

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