The Swarovski TIGERS

Swarovski Tiger Paperweight – This unique product was issued in 2 different metal colors in gold and pewter, available at a retail price of $95.  Resting on a crystal cal 60mm round paperweight, they were part of the Swarovski Trimlite line, in the “Crystal Sculptures” theme group. These are very difficult to find and command prices of $800 – $1200 dollars in the secondary market.  They were issued in 1983 and retired in 1986.

The Silver Crystal TigerFaceted clear crystal Tiger with Light Topaz crystal eyes in the Silver Crystal product line, designed by Michael Stamey. Issued 1998 and retired in 2002, valued in excess of $250.00.
Did You Know? There is a golden shadow Protoype of this issue that ‘left the factory’ out the back door.

A series of ‘Zodiac Tigers‘ have been released.

Zodiac Tiger‘Golden Shine’ Ltd. Edition. Designed in conjunction with the CAFA & available exclusively in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau from October 2009 to the end of the year of the Tiger (February 2011). Eyes shine in Moroda Sahara crystal and the faceted clear crystal base is engraved ‘Limited Edition 2010’, along with the zodiac name in English and Chinese seal script.
This piece retailed for a whopping $2400.00.

Zodiac TigerLarge, Golden  Shine, Issued in 2011, retailing at $860, as described above.

Zodiac Tiger
‘Silver Shine’ – Again, in conjunction with the CAFA, this tiger belongs to the  “Chinese Zodiac” series, issued in silver shade crystal. Faceted clear crystal base, with an engraved matte finish, highlighting the name of the zodiac in English and Chinese seal script. Represents those born in 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, and 2010 and retails for $300.  Issued in 2009.

Zodiac Tiger – Clear Crystal, Not to be confused with the other issues mentioned here, this tiger was produced in the Silver Crystal line, designed by Anton Hirzinger,  issued in 2003, & retiring in 2005. This tiger initially listed for $65.00 and is a much smaller version than the other Zodiac issues.

Swarovski SCS Tiger – The Annual Edition (AE) Swarovski Tiger, designed by Elisabeth Adamer, was available exclusively to SCS members in 2010 in a ‘Golden Shine’ color. It was the final figurine in the  “Endangered Wildlife”Trilogy. It also marked the end of the Annual Edition Trilogies.
SCS Annual Editions are now introduced as a ‘single’ product; however, ‘companion’ items (see below) are issued with them, driving up the cost of an AE ‘set’ to more than a $1,000 in 2011. 
The Swarovski SCS Tiger itself retailed for $450.

SCS Tiger Cub, Standing 
Two issues of the standing tiger cub were available to SCS members in 2010, depending on whether it was purchased or provided as a loyalty gift for purchasing the entire “Endangered Wildlife” trilogy.  The non-gift figurine retailed for $180 and was issued with a different product number. Like the SCS tiger, they were issued in the ‘golden shine’ color.

 SCS Tiger Cub, Sitting This Swarovski tiger cub was available to SCS members in 2010 as a  complimentary figurine to the SCS tiger. It retailed for $180 in 2010.

All the ‘Tiger’ issues can be seen in our FABULOUS CFC Photo Galleries!

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3 thoughts on “The Swarovski TIGERS

  1. Nan says:

    I agree with you Julie. Swarovski should treat all SCS members the same.But who ever said anything was fair in this life.

  2. Julie says:

    I like the tigers, shame they bring out one in another country though. If they make something 'special' it should be available to all members.

  3. Robert says:

    Very interesting article.Yes I like the Tigers my favourite is the Golden Chinese Zodiac one. ( I think because I bought him when he came out. To expensive now)

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