Michael Jackson Swarovski Gloves

Among the 10 most expensive Michael Jackson collectibles, the Swarovski Gloves he wore during his performances are well known.

Rhinestone glove – $420,000

This glove comes from Michael Jackson’s 1983 performance of Billie Jean on the Motown 25 TV special, which is where he first performed the Moonwalk.

Unlike other gloves used by Jackson during this time, this glove features rhinestones, as opposed to the Swarovski crystals which are usually present on Michael’s gloves.

Jackson usually wore a glove on his right hand, but due to the dance routine, which featured a number of moves to be performed with his right hand, this glove was uncharacteristically worn on the left hand.

The glove was sold for $420,000 at a Julien’s Auctions sale in November 2009.  The buyer was Hong Kong businessman Hoffman Ma, who was acting on behalf of a hotel in Macau, China, where it is now on display.

Blue Fantasy glove – $126,000

This black spandex glove is completely covered in blue and gold Swarovski loch rosen crystals and rhinestones. It was sold by Julien’s Auctions in November, 2009 for $126,000.

The glove is a part of the “Fantasy Glove” series which were originally intended to take Jackson’s individual glove concept to a new level, before he decided on the iconic white glove look.

Bad tour glove – $330,000

Another of Jackson’s gloves, this one worn for his “Bad” tour during the 1980s, was sold for $330,000 at a Julien’s Auctions sale in December 2010, well exceeding its $20,000-$30,000 pre sale estimate.
A custom-designed, white cotton right-hand glove, the back side of the glove is completely covered in clear Swarovski loch rosen crystals and the palm is bare of ornamentation.  This crystal-covered glove is one of the most recognized pieces of wardrobe in the history of pop culture.  After Michael Jackson’s performance on the 1983 Motown 25 television special, the glove became one of the most iconic elements of Jackson’s signature look.  This glove was number one of four gloves commissioned for the Bad Tour, which ran from September 12, 1987 to January 27, 1989.  Jackson performed one hundred and twenty-three concerts on this tour, and this one is believed to have been used on the Australian leg of the tour. 
Custom designed with label by Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins, there were four gloves on the road; if there was a break-down or a problem with one, another was used. All four were eventually worn.

Black glove and arm brace – $216,000

This black glove coated in black Swarovski crystals, and a right-hand forearm brace, was worn by Jackson during the filming of his History teaser trailer, which was filmed in Budapest during Jackson and Lisa-Marie Presley’s honeymoon in 1994.
The custom-designed black spandex right-hand glove is completely covered in hand-sewn rows of black Swarovski loch rosen crystals, together with a white cotton right-hand forearm brace. The cotton brace laces and also has three Velcro strap closures. The brace shows wear consistent with use.  The promotional video, lasting four minutes, builds to the unveiling of a monumental sculpture of Jackson. Jackson can be seen wearing this glove and brace as he marches into the city square waving to fans.
The items sold for $216,000 at a Julien’s Auction sale in October 2010.

Victory glove – $192,000

Another glove, this time worn for Michael Jackson’s Victory tour in 1984, was sold by Julien’s Auctions for $192,000 in June 2010.

The right-hand glove is completely covered in clear Swarovski loch rose crystals. It is one of five gloves made for the tour. The glove, the single most iconic piece of Michael Jackson memorabilia in the world, was specially designed by Ted Shell of Ted Shell Designs in 1984 and is emblazoned with bugle beads and Austrian crystal rhinestones, and fitted with 50 small lights powered by a single 9v battery placed in the cuff of the glove. The glass light bulbs were wired on separate circuits making them twinkle at random for added visual impact on stage.

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Info gathered from:
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3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Swarovski Gloves

  1. Marlene says:

    Interesting article Pat, thanks for putting it together for us. I knew he wore a glove decorated with Swarovski crystals, but never realized how many of them there were.

  2. Nan says:

    I could do with a new pair of gloves. I wonder if I could buy a pair of these. I'd pay a fiver for them!!!

  3. Robert says:

    Not my taste. Now if they were diamonds instead of Swarovski Crystals. I might like them, if I could afford them in the first place.Mind you, I cannot afford them with Swarovski Crystals on them anyway.

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