The Swarovski Trimlite Champions

MORE About the Swarovski Trimlite Issues……..

The Crystal Champions
There were six athletic crystal figurines in the Crystal Champions product line.

The Golfer – 1984 to 1988, 3-1/2 inches tall; the golfer’s body and pom pom on top of his hat is Swarovski crystal, and his face, arms, & boots are goldtone. The Pom Pom has been seen in both Crystal Cal and Vitrail Medium, secondary market value is in the $200 range.

Baseball Player – 1984 to 1988, stands 2 1/2″ tall. It would probably cost more than $350 to purchase in the secondary market today.

Basketball Player  – 1984 to 1988, stands 4-1/2 inches tall & has a current value of $375+

The Hockey Player – 1984 to 1988, 2-1/2 inches tall, current value is $300+

The Fisherman  – 1985 to 1988, stands 3-1/2 inches, and Current Value is $300+.

The Skier – 1985 to 1988, stands 3-1/2 inches tall, & is also valued at $300+

A Crystal Champions Display Stand was also issued for these pieces, measuring 12 -3/4″ W x 3 -1/4: H x 10 -3/4″ in Diameter.

Each piece originally listed for $50 & is marked with the Trimlite “T” logo.

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3 thoughts on “The Swarovski Trimlite Champions

  1. Marlene says:

    Love those Trimlite pieces!!! I would love to have one or two of the stands. Did you know that the Crystal Champions is not the only series of Trimlite that had an associated stand?

  2. Nan says:

    Sounds interesting. I would like to see some of these.

  3. Robert says:

    I have never bought any Trimlite. But I like the sound of these items. Something different. I think they might be worth looking into.

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