Insuring Your Collection

Most insurers that offer collectibles insurance will cover a wide variety of collections, including crystal and glass figurines. Some collections, for example, a Swarovski collection, are valuable because they are hard to find, part of a series, an Annual Edition, or a Numbered Ltd. Edition (NLE). These items require insurance.

Some important factors to consider:

  • Be sure to keep your collection insured for its full Current Value, otherwise known as the CV.
  • Software programs for your computer do exist and make it easier to catalog especially large collections, as well as provide the ability to update it when new items are added; however, we have found that upgrades are usually not provided & eventually the software vendor goes out of business, so you no longer have support either. Using a spreadsheet like Excel, or a Database, like Access, is a better choice.
  • Some losses are not covered, even under an all-risk policy. Most policies apply a deductible, but cover accidental breakage. Exclusions and deductibles vary by company or where you live, so be sure to ask questions first before you purchase.
  • The size of your collection and the Total Value (CV) determines the cost of your premium. In many instances, the yearly cost for the premium is affordable when you consider the risks.
  • A single limited edition art object valued at greater than $2,500.00 should be insured and listed separately with your insurance company. The best policies are offered by companies that deal specifically in art valued collectibles and antiques.
  • It’s easy to find the value of your collectibles IF you are a Swarovski Collector – just JOIN Us at the Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC) for Collectors of Swarovski Crystal. Our Photo Galleries feature every piece issued by Swarovski with allthe  pertinent information you need, including the current CV.
  • For other collections, there are various Books and Guides that can be purchased to estimate the value of your collection.

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