Swarovski Paradise Big Birds

In 2005, Swarovski added the ‘Tropical Birds’ to the Paradise line. 
Crystal Fanatics call these the Big Birds.

The Swarovski Blue Roller is a large crystal bird figurine, about 10″ wide.  The Swarovski Roller was designed by Anton Hirzinger and is blue turquoise and black diamond in color, attached to a metal stand.  The Swarovski Roller is one of the issues in the Silver Lake collection in the Paradise line of Tropical Birds. Originally introduced in 2009, it is currently available for $950. 

Seven other large bird figurines in the Silver Lake Collection have been issued in the
Swarovski Paradise line.  All these Swarovski birds are nearly 8″ tall and are very colorful:

Red Cockatoo , perched on a wooden display stand, designed by Roland Schuster, Issued in 2005 – Retired in 2010.
Macaw, Chrome Green in Color, on wooden display stand, designed by Roland Schuster, 2005 – Retires in 2011.
Toucan, Black Diamond Faceted Black Diamond crystal with eyes in Erinite crystal, bill in Green Beryll with Topaz and Peacock Blue crystal; accents in Light Siam and Light Topaz crystal; on Maple wood stand, designed by Roland Schuster  2006 – 2009.
Green Rosella, in faceted Jonquil crystal with wings and tail, ranging in color from crystal to blue; accents in Light Siam and Capri Blue crystal; rhodium plated metal parts; perched on a walnut wood display & designed by Heinz Tabertshofer, 2007 – 2010.
Kingfishers, pair of Kingfishers in Blue Turquoise, Aquamarine, Sun and clear crystal on silver-tone metal stand, designed by Anton Hirzinger in 2008 – currently retailing at $950.
The Spectacular Bee-Eaters in Peridot crystal, positioned on a silver-tone metal stand featuring Smoked Topaz heads with Jonquil and Indicolite crystal highlights and silver-tone beaks, designed by Heinz Taberstshofer, issued in 2008 – currently retailing for $1,500.00.
Woodpeckers Mother woodpecker and young woodpecker are in Black Diamond and Light Peach crystal with accents in clear and Light Siam crystal. Ruthenium-plated beaks on silver-tone metal stand, designed by Elisabeth Adamer, issued in 2009 – currently retailing for $1200.

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